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How to Move When Pregnant

There are a few things that are as stressful as moving while you are pregnant. From unwanted fatigue to serious nausea a pregnancy presents women with many additional hurdles along the way. Add to it all the stress of coordinating a move, and you have a challenge on your hands. We would like to provide you with a few tips on how to deal with this situation, The right planning, and the right help will go a long way to making your move without losing your mind.

Read More December 11, 2017

How to Cope With Nostalgia After Moving

We have all felt some sort of nostalgia at some point of our lives. Be it the nostalgia for some times that have long passed, then the nostalgia for certain people, the nostalgia for some places we visited and had the most amazing time there, it all boils down to a certain feeling of sadness that has to be replaced by something else in order for us to precede happily with our lives.

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How to Clean Before Relocating

Relocating your home is a huge task that is made up of many parts. The task of moving is so big that many of those that have undergone the process agree that it is one of the most tiring and stressful things to do. There are so many tasks to handle, such as changing your information, organizing and packing your things, dealing with movers, scheduling moving trucks and services, getting your children into a new school and getting adjusted to a new home and work environment.

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Create a Home Office in Your New Home

When you come in your new home, there is only one thing left for you to do: unpacking. Just think that the most of the work is done, and now all that is left is to settle and organize your new house. This process may take some time, but it is also the most interesting one because you get to plan and decorate everything the way you love.

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How to Reduce and Manage Moving Stress

All changes are somewhat stressful – no matter how beneficial they are. Moves are no exception. A major switch like that can often trigger anxiety and similar conditions. But luckily, there are ways to reduce and even prevent moving stress.

Surely, learning to spot the early signs can help you cope. But before the first symptoms become apparent, there are more proven strategies to put a stop to these feelings. Follow our tips and make sure that your relocation runs more smoothly and comfortably. Lastly, learn how to choose the best long-distance moving company and be more carefree with their assistance.

Read More August 28, 2017

How to Pack Technology

If you are facing a house move any time soon, the big question is how to achieve your electronic gadgets arrive in one piece and in the same working condition. In the chaotic period of house relocation packing and safely moving technology devices are nobody’s favourite tasks. By planning ahead and being a bit overcautious you can avoid many accidents that befall technology devices during transportation.

Read More August 25, 2017

How to Move Large Items

Whenever you are moving you have to think and plan in advance, because in that way your move will be easier for you. The pressure and anxiety you feel are normal reaction since there are a lot of things to take care of. It can be really exhausting because you need to make sure you don’t forget anything, you need to take care of document, not to mention the transportation. The furniture, appliances and electronics are probably one of the most expensive things you own, and also the heaviest things you need to transfer from one place to another. You need to figure out how you are going to move everything without breaking anything, including your back.

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How to Pack When You Are Short On Time

In the ideal situation, you would like to have around 9 weeks to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to pack for your upcoming move. However, sometimes you are caught off-guard or are overburdened with other responsibilities, so you end up having to do your packing in a shorter window of time. Since these last minute moves are a reoccurring event, East Coast to West Coast Movers has made this guide to help all those people who have only a few weeks to prepare for their upcoming move. The guide is sure to help you get all your belongings sorted and packed, just in time for the big day!

Read More May 29, 2017

Great Affordable Moving Services

Relocating can be expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. A lot of money is needed to cover and provide for services such as the move itself, moving truck rentals, wages and packing services and supplies and more. Luckily there is a way to get these services without burning a hole in your cash. East to West Moving Company has put together a list of things that you can do to minimize your expenses while moving.

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Great Experience on Your First Move

Relocating from one house to another can be a bumpy ride, especially if you are not prepared for the task ahead. People who are inexperienced with moves usually have a variety of assumptions that can easily lead them down the wrong path and into trouble.  Since this is something that we come across from time to time as a moving company, we have decided to help you avoid this source of stress. East Coast to West Coast Movers has decided to put together this guide on how to avoid some of the common mistakes people make when moving for the first time. If you keep these things in mind you are sure to have a much more pleasant moving experience.

Read More May 29, 2017
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