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Blog August 28, 2017

How to reduce stress when moving

By moderator

A brand new start is always challenging, no matter which area of your life it is that you are changing. Apart from the anxiety of facing something completely unknown to you, you’re still under the pressure of how to face away from things that you’re leaving behind. And the hardest of all should be the very transition from one thing to another, be it either in an emotional or physical way.

Finally you’ve decided to take the big step and move your life to another place. People often say that the decision-making process regarding your future decisions in that moment is nothing in comparison to the stress that awaits you in the moving procedure itself. Even though you feel extremely excited, the whole process of packing and repacking is lying right before you. Luckily, there are numerous ways that will help you relieve the great amount of stress. Here are some of the tips you can rely on in the critical moments:

1. Remove the clutter

First of all, you should get rid of all the things that you don’t need. Humans are tactile beings; we get emotionally attached to the things that we can use no longer. So, for all the clothing that you’ve stashed away on the top of your closets or placed down in the basement, pluck up the courage and throw it out for good. And if you feel overly attached to some things, a good solution for you would be to give it away, maybe to some members of your family that can use them. Thus, you won’t feel so nostalgic about it. Another great idea that will put some money into your pocket is selling your belongings on the Internet.

2. Start preparing on time

The whole process of moving out is very demanding and for it to be carried out with a minimum amount of stress, it is essential to start on time. First of all you need to make a sort of a plan before starting. Perhaps write it down on a paper, divide things according to the boxes that will be stuffed first, second, third… Also, you should prepare yourself to the possible last minute changes and just in case, have a back-up plan. Keep in mind all possible situations that can occur. Imagine it starts to rain heavily for the whole day, you’ll be needing something to protect your things as you get them from your house into the vehicle. Thus, you will avoid stress and nervousness.

3. Be prepared to face to a lot larger pile of things than you imagined it to be

At first, you will think that you’ll need around, let’s say, 20 boxes to pack yourself. Well that’s the first mistake you can make. Feel free to double your first assumption because, when we start to plan the moving we somehow tend to forget about the small things. And the smallest things are actually the ones that take up the largest space. Why? Because there are so many of them and you are not even aware of it. So, in order to avoid the point of nervous breakdown on the very day of moving you should start collecting those boxes on time.

4. Have a “safe” place for your documents and important papers

Once you start displacing your things, nothing will be easy to find any more. The red shirt you saw 10 minutes ago? Well, you might see it again in the next five hours, if you’re that lucky. Even though you have an excellent memory, with so many things on your mind you are going to get lost straightaway. For that reason it’s of utmost importance to have a “safe spot” in such a mess. That spot could be just one drawer, big enough to place all of your documents such as, ID card, passport, insurance papers and others…

5. Don’t forget to look after yourself

In no way should you allow yourself to become so worked up to forget to eat or indulge yourself a 15 minute break from all the work. Those things will take away only a short amount of your time but will contribute largely to your body and therefore your emotional state as well.

You know how sometimes, when you are thinking hard about something, the solution simply refuses to come across your mind. Then you move away from it, engage yourself in a completely different activity and all of a sudden the idea hits you. The advice would be the same for all stressful situations; you should take some time for yourself, do some physical activity, or simply chat with your friends about something else rather than the packing. It will take you mind off the process and when you get back to it, you’ll approach it from a completely different perspective and with a relaxed mind.

6. Think about the reason you started the whole process in the first place

If you get so caught up and feel that there is no end to it, just remember what’s your final goal and your final destination. In that way you will get some extra motivation and more strength to proceed. For instance you can take a calendar and cross out the days left until the moving day. Even if it doesn’t sound so important, psychologically this will be the starting point of each of your days to keep you moving.

7. Ensure yourself with a safe moving company

Maybe the most important thing of all is to find a reliable moving company. The last thing you need on your mind in the times of packing is to worry about the transport and organization. Chose a company that you can trust and that will ship your belonging to a desirable location. The best way for you to find such a company is to check out its feedback. To see what the experiences of other people were is the fastest way to be completely sure of your own choice.

Another very useful thing is to find a company that provides a packing service. Then you can rely on experienced workers who will carry out the heavy work the fastest way they can. You might think that it’s not of great importance to hire this sort of service, but just remember the number of boxes we’ve previously mentioned.

Even though the whole process of moving sounds absolutely horrifying to many of us, there are ways to relieve the pressure and ease the whole procedure. So, if you want to preserve your health in the times of moving, it would be beneficial to stick up to any of these advice.