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Blog August 6, 2021

Moving While Pregnant – 5 Tips for Future Moms

Posted in Moving 101 / By Michael Vaughan

Future parents have a lot to look forward to. However, pregnancy is a massive life-changer, and as such, it does entail quite a few adjustments in daily habits. Women who are moving while pregnant need to take extra precautions. There are several potential hazards to keep in mind. Anything from heavy lifting to cleaning up the home and inhaling chemicals can pose a danger for the mom and baby. In order to avoid any unnecessary risk, it is best to hire professional cleaners and expert cross-country movers.

Is it OK to Move While Pregnant?

If you’re absolutely positive that it’s time to move, you should plan the whole process all correctly, make a precise to-do list, get packed, and hit the road. But, what happens if you move house during pregnancy? Regardless of whether you’re relocating to a small town or a busy metropolitan area, it’s paramount that you know all the facts and watch out for your health.

Relocating when expecting a baby isn’t the best choice. As we know, all moves are stressful, and that can increase the risk of preterm birth. However, there are things you can do to lower potentially harmful effects and reduce relocation stress. Early pregnancy is usually the time when women must be extra careful, which is why moving while pregnant in the third trimester is most likely the safest option.

Pregnant and Moving? Talk to Your Doctor and Listen to the Signs Your Body Is Sending

Although we can all agree that relocating to another state or a new city can be overwhelming, particularly during pregnancy, the truth is that some just deal with it better than others. In addition to listening to our bodies and the signs they’re sending, it is imperative to speak to a medical expert who is in charge of your and the baby’s health. Whether you plan on moving while pregnant in the second trimester or later, it’s still necessary to seek a professional opinion and get the necessary help. Getting information online can resolve some of your dilemmas. However, not every site you visit is tailored to predict your individual needs.

Is it Better to Move Before or After the Baby Is Born?

Both alternatives have their pros and cons. Relocating with kids is also tough, starting from learning how to pack toys to taking extra measures and ensuring that you’ll move safely. And if you have to move to a new home with a newborn, things can get even more complicated.

Nevertheless, here are a few reasons why it’s better to wait until the baby’s birth:

  • Your overall health will be better, and your back won’t hurt,
  • It will be easier to find products that you can use for the move-in cleaning,
  • You’ll furnish and organize your house more quickly and know what to do with each room,
  • Newborns are actually quite easy to manage because they sleep a lot.

Relocating after giving birth can be a safer and simpler option if you can wait.

Sometimes it’s better to move after giving birth.

5 Tips for Future Moms: How Do I Move During Pregnancy?

When relocating in such a delicate condition, your health must come first. Besides, there are several easy tips you can follow to ensure that the move will run just as you planned:

  • Start to plan the whole process at least two months before the relocation day,
  • Notify your banking and credit card companies, tax agency, utility providers, and post office of the address change,
  • Find reliable West Coast or East Coast movers and book their long-distance moving services on time,
  • Get help from friends and relatives, especially with the robust items, furniture, or fragile items,
  • Hire professional services instead of dealing with the move-out cleaning
Follow these proven tips and move smoothly.

Plan Your Move Ahead and Reduce the Stress

In order to move efficiently, you must be meticulous when researching and making plans. Avoid procrastination at all costs and stick to a proven timeline and actionable tips:

  • Start to make plans at least 60 days before the big day,
  • Contact at least three companies if you choose to go with professional long-distance movers,
  • Toss all items that you no longer use and sell or donate everything that’s still in good shape (but no longer matches your needs or style),
  • Start packing at least three weeks before the move,
  • Pack a relocation essentials bag and have it close at all times,
  • Be sure to organize your important documents and keep them tidy throughout the whole move,
  • Keep all valuable contacts close.

Taking these steps will enable you to be more relaxed and overcome stress, lack of time, and other risks a move during pregnancy can include.

Contact Utility Companies and Other Service Providers at Least Two Weeks in Advance

Start by notifying the post office of your move, and then contact utility providers. Begin by reaching out to the most basic ones, like water, sewer, and electricity suppliers. Then, remember to deal with the internet, phone, and cable.

Go to the USPS website and fill an online form to keep receiving your mail.

Hire Reputable Long-Distance Movers if You’re Moving Out of State While Pregnant

Hiring movers is usually the best choice since they will unquestionably help you relocate safely and reach your -new home stress-free. Moreover, a skilled crew will ensure that you don’t have to deal with massive household items. Just the thought of moving furniture while pregnant is likely enough to make you question all your reasons to move.

Go to a cross-country moving company’s site and request a free quote. Then, book an on-site or virtual tour of your house and ensure to calculate your relocation budget correctly. See if you need any other type of aid, like professional packing services or reliable car shipping.

Get Some Help From Friends and Family

Aside from contacting trustworthy East Coast movers and booking their assistance, it is recommended to rely on friends and family when decluttering your home and getting ready to pack. And who would they rather lend a hand to than a future mom? Don’t overthink it and end up packing glasses, pots, and pans, and the rest of your kitchen alone just because you were too polite to ask for support.

Avoid Dealing With Chemicals

Avoiding cleaning products isn’t that bad of an idea regardless of whether you’re expecting. There are less toxic and greener choices at your disposal. And not to mention – there are cheaper alternatives to cleaning supplies, such as vinegar and baking soda. And the ultimately wise decision to make is to skip the clean-up all around by hiring professionals to do it on your behalf. If you’d rather do it on your own, here’s how:

Start on Time and Get Help Moving While Pregnant

Planning a relocation can be time-consuming. It is optimal to start preparing in advance and look for a range of services that match your needs and budget. Finding skilled West Coast movers and renting a storage unit through their company is the most secure choice. Pick the best team when relocating while expecting, so your move will be smooth.

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