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Blog July 21, 2021

The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do After Moving Across the Country

Posted in Moving 101 / By Jane Davis

Remembering everything you have to do for your move, before and after the East Coast movers come and go, is an almost impossible thing to do. That’s why you should have one checklist of tasks before the move and another one of the things to do after moving. This way, not only you’ll be organized, but you’ll stay focused on every little detail that will make this relocation stressless.

Relocation is always a stressful process, no matter if you’re relocating just around the corner or you decided to have a fresh start and move to another state alone. And knowing that Americans consider the relocation process one of the three most stressful situations in their lifetime, you shouldn’t hesitate to make a list of things to do when you move. However, creating a list of tasks to be finished before relocating is also essential since you have to be fully prepared and avoid relocation stress. Keep reading our article because we’ll give you some fantastic tips on creating your list of tasks, and you can be sure everything is under control.

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Things to Do After Moving Into a New House – Plan Ahead

If it’s your first time to move, you’re probably asking yourself, “what should I do after moving into a new home” and what are the first steps to begin with. When using long-distance moving services, the key to a successful relocation is planning a few months before the relocation day. You should avoid last-minute relocation and also pack for relocating in a hurry because you’ll certainly be more stressed.

No matter the reasons for your move, whether you’re relocating for love or just want to settle in a smaller town, you have to organize and plan your relocation. That’s why you should contact a professional long-distance moving company that knows all the relocation hacks and makes your relocation a breeze. However, there are some things to do after you move that have to be planned, as well. So, let’s take a look at them.

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One of the Tips for Better Organization – Create a Checklist of All Tasks You Have to Do

Once you decided it’s a good time to move, you should start making a checklist of all tasks that have to be done for this relocation. It’s the best way to keep track of each task,  and you can be sure that all cross-country moving services are booked. Between thinking about how to move the piano and would one storage facility be enough for all of your belongings, it’s easy for some tasks to slip your mind. And that’s when you need to help yourself and make a list of all tasks that still await you to have a positive transition to a new house experience.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving Into a New House – Check Every Corner

Many of us can easily forget to inspect the new house or apartment after the professional cross-country movers unload boxes. However, this task is crucial because there could be some problems you have to fix or even notify your landlord about it – like leaking, mold, and similar stuff. Remember to put this task on your relocation to-do list, as well as smaller ones, like cleaning up after the West Coast movers leave.

Inspect every corner in your future apartment

What to Do After Moving Into a Future Home – Call the Post Office

If you’re not sure how to change your address when relocating, don’t worry. Nowadays, you can do it online by filling a form on the USPS website. Not only will it be done in just a few seconds, but you don’t have to lose precious moments waiting in endless lines in your local Post Office. However, if possible, it’s better to do it before the relocation day because that way, you’ll stop getting mail from previous tenants and won’t have to deal with it after the move.

On the other hand, if you can’t change the address before the actual relocation day, don’t panic. You can still do it once you move into your future home. That way, you’ll still get your mail and bills at the updated location.

After Changing Address, Update Voter Registration

Learning some tips on how to move safely should be your top priority before you actually move. But, after the move, there are many tasks to consider if you want to feel like you really belong to the community. One of them is most certainly the eligibility to vote. And to make that happen, you’ll have to update your voter registration. Since you’re changing your personal information, and each state has different voting rules, it’s better to pay a visit to the city hall in your town and check how to update your voter registration.

Change your address in just a few moments

Register Your Car and Update Drivers License

From deciding where is the best place to move and finding and hiring professional long-distance movers, you can easily omit to transport your car to the future place. But imagine how easier everything would be if you only had your precious vehicle with you. That’s why you should find a trustworthy auto shipping company and explore what’s the cheapest way to ship your four-wheeler with you. Once you do that, you should get your vehicle registered and update the drivers’ license, too. So, start exploring what documents you need and get them collected to be prepared once you move.

Renew car's registration and update drivers license once you move

Contact the Utilities Companies and Ensure Everything is Turned on

We all know that the whole relocation process is hard enough, and the adjusting time isn’t something you can just do right away. However, that first impression you have of your new house is essential. That’s why having everything set up, like running water and electricity, is something you just have to do. Imagine you’re relocating during winter and you don’t have the heating turned on. Or vice versa, if you move in the summer and the air condition is not working. To prevent this kind of inconvenience, contact utility companies and make sure everything is tuned and working fine in your future home.

Adjusting Your House for Kids and Pets Should Be on Your After-Moving Checklist

There are many relocation essentials that you have to think about before the relocation day comes. However, there is something you should do after the move if you’re not relocating alone. So, if you’re relocating while pregnant or you have little ones and decided to relocate with kids, you need to make sure your future apartment is secure. All those sharp edges and dangerous places should be out of reach for your kids.

On the other hand, if relocating with pets, you should dedicate some time to adjust your home to them too. Don’t think they can’t feel or see something is going on, especially once you move to another house. They’ll easily figure out it’s different, and they might feel confused and depressed. So, the crucial thing is to dedicate enough time and one corner where they will be safe. Also, if relocating with dogs, ensure to take your furry friends to daily walks.

If you’ve never done baby-proofing your home before, watch the video below for some great tips on how to do it efficiently.

Unpacking the Boxes Is Something That Has to Be Done

The whole packing process was something you probably expected to be stressful and take months. If not, that only means you had the best hacks on how to pack quickly and a good packing guide. However, once you move, you just can’t avoid the task of unpacking all of your boxes. You’ll be tired and probably won’t have that enthusiasm as you had in the beginning, but the sooner you start placing each box in the designated room, the better will be your organization, and you won’t have to deal with the chaos for days.

Once you learned to pack delicate items and protect and pack your silverware for the move, unpacking should be a breeze. However, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it from your family and friends.

Before Unpacking, Get Your Place Cleaned

But the first thing to do, after inspecting the house, is to clean it. It can get all dirty and dusty from all those packages cross-country movers unloaded from a truck. So, placing all of your furniture and other items on dirty floors and surfaces would be useless before cleaning it thoroughly and making it sparkle for your next chapter in life.

Another important thing to remember before relocating is to clean your previous apartment. You should leave it in the same conditions you first moved in.

Place the Labeled Boxes in the Right Room

A good way of unpacking your belongings is to put an already labeled box in the right room. For example, put the kitchen box in the kitchen and get started with the unpacking process. This is probably the most effective way to unpack quickly after the move. It is also great because you don’t have to finish the whole room at once, but you’ll still know exactly where your items are if you need them.

One of the Best Tips Is to Unpack Room by Room

Another good tip for this tedious process is to do it room by room. If you hadn’t had a chance to declutter before the packing process, now it’s the perfect time to do it. Get rid of things you don’t need anymore and leave only those that you actually use. The stuff you put aside as the unwanted can give away to charities or organize a garage sale.

Avoid all the mess and help yourself by placing boxes in the correct rooms

After Settling in, Get to Know Your Neighbors

As challenging as it can be, relocation is something you should look forward to. From all the packing services and getting help for the relocation insurance from professionals to socializing after the move – it might seem too overwhelming. But, you’ll eventually have to meet people in the new place. However, in the first period, you can explore some online groups with the same interests as you. And after a while, you can organize a welcoming party and invite all of your neighbors and friends you met online. It’s a great way to adjust to an unknown city and to hear all the recommendations for places you shouldn’t miss.

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