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Moving While Pregnant – 5 Tips for Future Moms

Future parents have a lot to look forward to. However, pregnancy is a massive life-changer, and as such, it does entail quite a few adjustments in daily habits. Women who are moving while pregnant need to take extra precautions. There are several potential hazards to keep in mind. Anything from heavy lifting to cleaning up the home and inhaling chemicals can pose a danger for the mom and baby. In order to avoid any unnecessary risk, it is best to hire professional cleaners and expert cross-country movers.

Read More August 6, 2021

Checklist of Things You Forget to Do When You Move

The process of hiring professional East Coast or West Coast movers can be pretty chaotic, and it is completely understandable that there are some things you forget to do when you move. The average household inventory in America weighs around 7,000 pounds, and it takes 60 boxes to pack everything. Imagine all those boxes in your home when the moving day comes. As challenging as it can be, the relocation process can be a breeze with the right guide and checklist.

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How to Move Efficiently is the Essential Question – and We Have the Answer

Relocations are a bit tricky to handle properly because there are too many things to watch out for. But, if you inform yourself on every tip and trick on how to move efficiently, it can be done in a jiffy and make you feel like a professional. Above all, you won’t be tired as hell in the end, and you’ll be able to enjoy this change of place to the fullest.

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How to Plan Moving to a New State – a Step by Step Guide

Relocating is often a tiring and dull job but inevitable for most US citizens. A detailed list of things to do when moving to a new state is essential if you consider that the average number of relocations in the States is 11.7 per person! Let us guide you on how to move to a different state – from your first thought about the relocation to your last needed step.

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Things to Do Before Moving

Relocations are both exciting and complex, and they require great effort and skill to properly organize and execute. Most Americans consider it one of the most stressful events of their lives, but with a checklist of things to do before moving, you’ll be able to reduce stress and anxiety to a minimum.

Read More January 10, 2018

How to Pack Beds When Moving

The bed is not like most large furniture you will be packing and loading onto the truck when moving, and not only because it is the most important item that you will bring with you. Your bed is different because instead of simply wrapping it in a few moving blankets and carrying it out of your house, you will have to disassemble it before you pack and wrap each part separately and then load it onto the moving truck. Typical beds come in several different pieces that you will have to take care of when the time comes to pack, and this includes the bedding, the mattress, the headboard and the footboard. In this article, we provide you with some tips on how to correctly disassemble your bed and prepare it for your move.

Read More January 8, 2018

How to Pack Children’s Toys: Moving Tips

Toys come in all sizes and shapes which makes them very difficult to pack for a long distance relocation. IF you have children, then these tips will help you properly pack their most treasured toys so that they travel safe, sound and are ready to be played with at your new home. To pack properly, you will need moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape and a marker.

Read More January 5, 2018

How to Pack and Move a Big Screen TV

When you are moving to a new place, you will have quite a lot of electronics to move. One of the most expensive pieces of electronic equipment that you own outside of your car and house is most likely your tv. With televisions getting taller, broader and more expensive, The good news is that they are also lighter the fact that they are so broad and wide makes them more awkward to handle and move. Here are a few tips on how you can make sure that your television arrives at your new home without breaking.

Read More January 3, 2018

How to Pack Makeup When Moving

When moving you may be tempted just to throw all of your makeup into one bag and just move it like that. This is a very bad idea as pressed powders can crumble, glass bottles may break, and other items might get damaged. When you are moving or traveling, it is important to take care of your makeup to keep it intact. Here we have provided a few tips on how you can safely pack and move your makeup.

Read More January 1, 2018

How to Move When Pregnant

There are a few things that are as stressful as moving while you are pregnant. From unwanted fatigue to serious nausea a pregnancy presents women with many additional hurdles along the way. Add to it all the stress of coordinating a move, and you have a challenge on your hands. We would like to provide you with a few tips on how to deal with this situation, The right planning, and the right help will go a long way to making your move without losing your mind.

Read More December 11, 2017
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