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Blog January 10, 2018

Things to do before you move

By moderator

You have just finalized your purchase of your new home, but soon all the excitement of settling into your new place will wear off, and the panic and stress of packing boxes will set in. We would like to provide you with a few tips to help you prepare to start packing as well as your move.

Have a plan on how to pack

It is a good idea to get organized and not pack your entire household in one fell swoop. Plan smartly and begin with one or two rooms at a time and make sure that you start early enough that you can have enough time to go through the house room by room without rushing.

Use the right kind of boxes

Make sure that you get sturdy boxes, or if you are using old moving boxes check and make sure that they are dry and don’t smell bad. You might have to reinforce to bottom of some boxes with packing tape to make sure they can support the weight.

Packing the closet

If you choose to pack your own closed, make sure that you take care not to crumple up your clothing and to cover it up properly with either plastic garbage bags. Another option is that hire out wardrobe boxes which were designed just for this kind of move and will allow you just hang your clothes in the box and take them out at your new home with little to no hassle, and this could potentially also save you a lot of ironing.

Switch your utilities

As soon as you have a closing date, you should call your utility companies and set up a service switch to your new home. This is especially important if you are moving into a new home that has been recently built or previously vacant. It could be necessary to make a maintenance call to reestablish services.

Saying goodbye

Moving from a home which has a lot of sentimental value, such as notches on your doorframe to mark your kid’s growth, can be very distressing. To make it easier, you could make a list of things to do in your new home, like how you plan to decorate it or what new things you could do in that part of town.

Moving the basics

If your new home is within driving distance of your current residence, plan to take basic supplies over to it on the day before you move. Unpacking the bathrooms in advance and having a few days supply of clothes will help bring some normalcy to the chaos of unpacking.

Visualize your life in the new house

The sooner you got unpacked and organized the sooner your new place will start to feel like home. Plan out where to place your favorite pieces of art and where all your furniture and other things will go in advance. This plan can help you to feel more accomplished and help you settle into your new home faster.

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