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Blog June 30, 2021

How to Move Efficiently is the Essential Question – and We Have the Answer

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

Relocations are a bit tricky to handle properly because there are too many things to watch out for. But, if you inform yourself on every tip and trick on how to move efficiently, it can be done in a jiffy and make you feel like a professional. Above all, you won’t be tired as hell in the end, and you’ll be able to enjoy this change of place to the fullest.

In the words of Alexander Graham Bell, ”Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Relocations are no different, and it takes a few efficient preparatory steps, with some awesome relocating hacks and the right attitude on top of it all, to pull it off effortlessly. So, how do you move efficiently, and where exactly should you start? Should you call a long-distance moving company right away, or in the end? Let’s see how to start preparing when your time to move comes.

Why Do I Need to Know How to Move Efficiently?

If you haven’t had any reasons to move yet, and this is your first time, you’re probably getting a ton of advice from friends and family, and you’re wondering what the whole fuss is about. But, since Americans move up to 12 times in their lifetime, people around you doubtlessly know what they’re talking about. If you have done it before, you are probably very well aware that it’s a tough job. It’s far from being as simple as picking up your phone, calling East Coast movers, or maybe West Coast movers (depending on where you’re headed) to make an arrangement to ship your car with their auto transport service.

If you skip to plan out every step, it will bring unnecessary tension

This One’s Obvious – Start at the Beginning and on Schedule

Being on schedule is the first answer to the question, “How can I make moving easier?” Certain tasks can be done up to two months before your move-out day, so you won’t have to pack to move in a hurry and risk completely forgetting about something important. Keep in mind that if you have to pack quickly, you’re in for a lot of moving stress, so to avoid it, let’s see where to begin.

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A Binder to Rule All Binders

And now you’re scratching your head in wonder, how on Earth is a binder going to help me be efficient when moving? That one is pretty easy to answer – this is a binder where you will keep literally everything, and we mean ALL that’s related to the move. Receipts, contracts, lease, all the important documents, but also a checklist of the stuff you should do and a general timeline. This will all help you move safely and efficiently and finish everything up on time.

Whether You Love Them or Not, Create a Moving Checklist and Use It

However needless this may seem, creating a relocating to-do list that you will place in that binder is one hell of a hack. It will help you stay on track with all that’s ahead of you, and you can create it by yourself or print any version you find online from sites like Canva. Create a general timeline of when a certain task should be carried out so you don’t postpone everything until it’s too late. Basically, you should give yourself deadlines and write them down.

You Completely Forgot About Utilities, Haven’t You? And Mind the Address Change, Too

Calling the utility companies may not be high on your list of things to do before relocating, but trust us, if you postpone it endlessly, it will slip your mind, and you will end up at your new home without gas, electricity, and internet (oh, the horror!) And the next residents of your previous home will get a hefty bill for the heat that was left on.

There are several reasons why you should change your address when you move, and the main one is that it’s important to keep getting mail and bills that belong to you. Another one is to save future residents from looking for ways to stop getting mail for previous residents, which is not that simple at all.

Let’s Get Down to Budgeting

Some people hate it when they have to place their belongings into bags, but others fear the money talk. Nevertheless, it’s unavoidable and something you’ll be really smart to sit down and think through at the very beginning. Decide whether you’re up for a DIY, or you will contact those long-distance movers you saw that had great reviews online. Hiring movers to transport everything in their truck can actually save you some money in the end, but above all, they will relieve you of too much work.

Grab a calculator, sit down, and project your budget

Invest in Cross-Country Moving Services on Time

Decided to call on those professionals as soon as you’ve laid eyes on how much work you actually have ahead of you? Smart choice because quality long-distance moving services will help you have a smooth transition, and if you get a good deal on the whole package, you may be able to fit in relocating insurance, so you can feel at ease. Just keep in mind that you should contact them on time, because you are surely not the only one in need of a reliable company with a truck available, so have them booked early on.

Looking for an efficient way to relocate? Professionals to the rescue!

Put Your Household Items Away With the Right Packing Tips, Tools, and Mats

No job can be done without the proper tools, and it’s exactly the same thing with relocations. This means that several weeks before your designated move-out day, you should get the task of gathering boxes and other stuff underway. You’ll need:

  • Sturdy boxes of all sizes, but mostly medium ones. You can buy them online or visit a local retail shop or liquor store, and they will probably be happy to give some away for free.
  • Quality packing tape to be sure no box will open up while being carried. You would probably hate it if your mom’s favorite vase falls and breaks into a thousand pieces, but it’s more likely she would hate it more. And just think of your Xbox – it probably wouldn’t survive the fall, either.
  • Find all the mats you might use for cushioning, such as paper, peanuts, foam, and the ultimately versatile bubble wrap. With it, you can wrap up literally anything (including furniture) and have a sort of a low-budget Pop It fidget afterward.
  • A tape dispenser, a pair of sharp scissors, and a marker will all make packing less weary and more fun. Well, maybe not exactly fun, but easier definitely.

If you want to save up a bit more, you can find many of these materials for free on sites like Craigslist or Freecycle. As for more awesome tips, you can use your soft household items to cushion even the most fragile possessions.

Declutter, Throw Away, Purge, and Burn

Alright, well, not exactly burn, but start getting rid of stuff that you don’t require nevertheless. Marie Kondo is right on this one, and we can quote her here: “Keep only those things that speak to the heart and discard items that no longer spark joy.” Use it wisely, and create a packing list of the items you will bring to your new home. The rest should be separated into three groups: “sell,” “donate,” and “throwaway.” Let the purging game begin.

Don’t Dread the Packing Part, or Maybe Just a Little

Does the list of belongings you will take with you scare you? The most efficient way to pack for moving is to put away the less used items first (such as seasonal clothes, for example) and move from one room to another. But, if you want to know how to efficiently pack to move without moving a muscle, your preferred relocating company probably has a packing service in their offer, and they’ll take it off your back for a fee. They might even bring their own tools and materials in their truck, so that will be one less thing to stress about. Avoiding stress and tension is especially important if you are relocating while pregnant, and it’s also crucial not to strain too much, so leave the packing to the professionals.

Use Storage Room to Create More Room

How does it go? If you place a bed in your room, you will have more BEDroom, but less bedROOM? Beds and other large furniture items could make our life miserable if we haven’t yet planned the layout of each and every room in our new abode. And guess what? Grab the phone, call those cross-country movers, rent a storage unit of a big enough size, and voila! You will have enough time to plan out your new home while all your furniture and other stuff is safe in storage. When you’re ready, they will load it into their truck and bring everything, from furniture to the smallest crate, right to your doorstep.

Pack a Few Boxes to Help You Survive for a Day or Two

Sure, it’s not the end of the world, but a survival kit basically sounds like you’re about to face an apocalypse. No, it’s not a zombie virus outbreak, but you’ll need to prepare at least one box of essentials, so you can skip the hair-pulling part when you enter your new home. Grab your favorite large sack and throw in basic toiletries (imagine entering your new bathroom in a city where you don’t have a clue where the shops are, and having no toilet paper… We know, it’s a stuff of nightmares), a change of clothes, chargers, snacks along with a few kitchen utensils to prep at least some instant noodles and a cup of hot, dark beverage. If you are relocating with kids, be sure you also pack toys, and if you are relocating with pets, bring them pet food and their favorite chewing toy, so they won’t chew down on new furniture. Check out the video below to see how your survival kit should look like.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack for a Move? With a Writing on the Boxes

Perhaps you were wondering what that marker is for, or maybe you’ve completely forgotten about it somewhere along with this guide. One of the best tips for a swift move is to label each box by the rooms they belong to, and especially label boxes that contain breakables, as well as your packed electronics. If you want to level up the labeling hacks, there are several ways to achieve it – color-coding by rooms (designate a color to rooms, and label the boxes that way) and numbering combined with taking pictures.

Color coding is easier both for you and your relocating crew, as they will know right away where the packages will go. Numbering is great for keeping track of your stuff, so it won’t get lost along the way. Just make sure you snap a photo of the contents before you tape the lids. This is one of those great tips that will help you even if you’re wondering, “How do you pack to move in a hurry?”

Labeling cartons with breakables will actually keep them intact

The Move-Out Day Comes Soon, and You Already Feel Like an Overachiever

In the end, there are just a few tasks to be done, and one of them is thorough move-out cleaning. If you don’t feel up to it, and you need a few more tips, here’s one: it’s also one of the jobs you can hire professionals to do, so you can focus on saying goodbye to your friends and family. After you’ve ticked all the tips from this guide, what’s left is only the question: “What order should I move my house in?” and the answer is up to you.

What are you moving?



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