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How to prepare for the international move

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Generally, moving is a very stressful and expensive experience and if you don’t take precautions, it could turn into a nightmare. If you aren’t well informed and if you don’t start planning it on time, there is a big chance to run into many unexpected problems during your move. Preparing your move early is the key to reducing stress which occupies everybody imagining what has to be done before such a big step in your life. You are trying to figure out in which order you should do things. Do not panic; just take a piece of paper, a larger one, or a notebook where you will gradually write down and add whatever pops into your head. Then you will get a clearer picture what comes first and what can wait. Anyway you should have in mind that time is going fast and a moving day comes before you know it. If there is a longer period of time, a few months, for instance, it will leave you much breathing space.

First of all you are expected to make an appointment at the embassy and go through the visa process and collect all the information about the immigration low of the country. Make sure that you and all other family members have up to date passports. You should also obtain your birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licences, medical records, school records for your children and have them translated in case that the language of the country differs than yours.

You will maybe need to be vaccinated, so visit your doctor or contact your health care to ask about which shots you have to receive and keep the records of them in case you are asked for it entering another country or visiting a new doctor there. It is of big importance to know about the health insurance, whether you have to buy it before you leave or you will be covered by your own for a shorter period, until you get a new insurance there.

Then you start thinking about the packing. The big question is what households to choose to take with you and is to be left or sold, what things are worth bothering to ship across the border. After you have considered all pros and cons about such items as your favorite sofa, some precious pictures from your walls or plates and cups given to you as a wedding presents, definitely contact some of numerous international mover services. The biggest worry is how to pack all the items safely. That is why you are recommended to let the professionals handle everything to ease this process. If you decide to do it yourself, you may get into trouble with the insurance in case any of the goods gets damaged during shipment. They are fully equipped with all the accessory materials which will save you all the trouble. Anyway, be aware that the insurance companies do not accept liability for damaged items which were packed by the owners. Self- packed items cannot be insured, they don’t take the risk of an improperly packed item. Also, a professional mover will make you familiar with the regulations which items are allowed to be shipped and which are forbidden. It varies from country to country. So your moving service will advise you what to do. There is one thing you shouldn’t do before you ask them to come and pack the items! Do not move everything into one pile in one room because you will make their work much more complicated. Just leave all the things where they usually are and you will save both you and them hard and unnecessary work.

Another important thing is visiting your bank and see if you will close your account or your bank has its branches in your new country of residence. Consult the person in charge about transferring your funds. Online banking is nowadays available all over the world and it is important to get the right information from your bank in order to discuss all the possible issues.

While your move approaches, it is time for finalizing all the details, such as confirming the travel details, organizing all your mail to be forwarded to your new address, and gathering as much information as possible about the country and the city you are moving to. It includes supplying the travel guides and books about the country so you can come to a better understanding of the culture, lifestyle and history, the maps of the specific area. All of that will ease your transition and the initial shock which everybody faces changing the whole environment.

Finally, you have to ensure that there is nothing left which is overlooked. It is time to contact all your utility companies, such as telephone, cable, electricity, gas… and arrange with them to have their services terminated the day after you leave. Check once again that you have all the documents of the whole family in one place. You get more and more excited and you can’t afford panicking in the last minute thinking if the important documents are accidentally packed in a place where they won’t be easily found in case they would need to be shown at the customs or passport control. It is not only passports which are obligatory at the borders!

One day before you leave your home, after you charged all your mobile phone, defrosted your fridge and prepared some refreshment and snacks for the trip, you need to get a good night’s sleep because there is a long tiring day ahead of you. There is nothing left to worry about so have sweet dreams because your dreams, thanks to your determination and good will, are going to come true.

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