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Packing checklist for an office relocation


The most important thing to remember during an office relocation is to stay calm and to plan ahead. Using the proper office relocation checklist as a starting point for packing is crucial. Don’t forget to share it throughout your organization, because:


A Checklist simplifies the relocation process

Simple tasks break down the office relocation project into a series checks to ensure that your office move is managed efficiently, from both financial and operational perspectives. The checklist will help you achieve your office move from the beginning and ensure that the whole project goes safely. Of course, each company is different, and therefore there is not one unique checklist everyone can use. However, there are some guidelines you can follow in order to create a foolproof checklist. Your ideal checklist should include:

  • Things you have to know before you even start planning an office move
  • The big decisions you will have to make at the beginning
  • How to produce a moving office timeline to keep your office move on track
  • How to create a budget to manage your office relocation costs
  • Office design tips to help you deliver the most efficient and usable working space for your new office
  • How to move your office equipment and telecom systems efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Practical ways to organize the office moving process so that your relocation day goes without a hitch
  • Details of what needs to be updated and who should be notified
  • Money saving tips to consider after the office move


Start with a base plan

Every office move will be unique, with different challenges. If you own a larger company that often encounters office relocations, it’s a good idea to have a standard office move checklist that you can pull out and customize for every new project. Having a base plan to start with will save you time and can improve everyone’s productivity. As a manager, working on a standard program also makes it much easier to inspect the status of every move.


To-do list

A to-do list is essential when planning an office move, as it highlights everything you need to do to navigate your business through a successful and safe office relocation. Before you even start the transition process follow the tips from your to-do list such as:

  • Select a competent removal contractor. Consider heavy equipment, access, transitional storage, etc.
  • Explore new accommodation and check if it’s suitable for the services you provide, i.e. does it have adequate security systems, proper heating, lighting, ventilation system, sufficient power points, IT connections, telephone points, etc.


Of course, there will be other issues that you must cover, but this list can give you a quick start in developing your office move plan. After you’re all settled in, don’t forget to take the time to debrief from the move and celebrate in your new space. After all, an office relocation is a big step for any organization! If you need any assistance with your commercial relocation, feel free to contact West Coast East Coast Movers for more information about our services.

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