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Blog February 13, 2018

Long-Distance relocation Valentine’s Day Ideas

By moderator

No matter where you live, almost right after New Year, you usually start to see a lot of pinks and reds in supermarkets and stores. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s a big deal. This month is Valentine’s Day, and for the lucky couples who got caught having to go through a move around this romantic holiday, West Coast East Coast Express has some ideas about how to spice it up in their new home.

Make breakfast in bed

There is no better way to wake up from a good night’s sleep than to the smell of freshly baked eggs. Nothing beats having someone who loves you bring a tray with freshly made breakfast to bed! This is one of the best ways to surprise your partner in the new home and it will help you start off the most romantic holiday of the year the right way.

Romantic notes in boxes

Since you haven’t unpacked all your boxes yet, hide some romantic notes inside for your significant other. This way, your partner will find the letters and receive a little dose of romance while unpacking the boxes. Besides, who doesn’t like receiving little random love notes during a stressful move?

Listen to music in your new home

After you’ve prepped the Valentine’s meal, put on some music and enjoy. Listening to music will certainly get you into a romantic mood, and it will also help you be a little more productive while unpacking boxes. Any milestone in your relationship is worth celebrating, and your first Valentine’s Day with your significant other in the new home is no exception.

Explore the new city together

It’s the perfect time to spend the day exploring. Besides gas and food, it doesn’t cost much and you will still be able to spend some time celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day. Go somewhere you know nothing about. It’ll be the perfect romantic adventure. You will have so many options in the new city, so enjoy exploring it together.

Go camping in your living room

Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? How about indoor camping, without mosquitoes involved in the process? Surprise your partner with a homemade meal or just appetizers and desserts in a tent that’s set up in the living room. Or forget about the food and just lie down together and tell each other stories or watch a movie in your makeshift campsite.

Take a romantic bubble bath

The perfect end to Valentine’s Day can be a romantic bath for two. A warm bath with your loved one can be a chance to relax, unwind, and spend some quiet time together. A romantic bubble bath will pump up the romance and can help you get acquainted with your new home in a more intimate way.

For additional information on how you can make your long distance move around Valentine’s day quick and easy, contact East Coast-West Coast Express, and we can help you make this day even more perfect. We will take care of all the tedious tasks and hard work, and you and your partner can focus on spending the holiday together.