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Home Is Where You Make It

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People claim that your home is where your heart is. New apartment or a house may not seem like home in the beginning, but you should always bear in mind that home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe, where you feel peaceful and cozy. Home can be a tent in a mountain, a hostel with eight beds, it’s all up to you. The truth is, when you move to another place first few weeks will fly by, and you will not have time to really settle into your new apartment.  You will probably feel like that new place is just a temporary accommodation. Walking into a new house and looking at all empty space around it, can be quite frustrating.  With some tips you can avoid this, and make sure that you really enjoy your new place.


Photographs: This is a perfect opportunity to take the pictures from your phone and get them done. Choose some family photos that will warm up your heart every time you look at them or that selfie that you took with your pet, or some picture from high school with all your friends. The amusing part of all this is that you get to go shopping for some interesting and colorful frames. Go to the nearest Ikea or some similar store, and buy lots of cheerful frames. When we talk about frames, try using one of those digital frames where your favorite pictures cycle over and over again. Postcards and magnets on your refrigerator may also do the trick. Pick some scenery of your hometown or some symbol of your state and put them on a door of the fridge. Nowadays you can find anywhere some quotes and verses that will inspire you each time you look at them. What’s more, buy a chalkboard and pick your own uplifting quote or lyrics of your favorite song and cheer up every time you look at it.


Your bedroom:  Get your bedding, sheets and pillows. Think about it: after a long day of unpacking and organizing, a cozy bed with cheerful sheets with lots of pillows can really make everything easier. Add a fresh flower or two and we guarantee that you will sleep like a baby in your new apartment.


Be creative:  Get innovative and artistic with DIY projects. There are tons of ideas of DIY projects that add a personal touch to your home. Google it or find it in some magazine. Add some piece of art on your doors, shelves and walls. Other than that, you can choose removable wallpaper that will not damage your walls, but will definitely cheer up the atmosphere of your home-to-be. And if you feel particularly artistic, draw a unique picture or symbol in the corner of your wall and if you like it, the rest of the wall is all yours!


Senses: Scent is strongly tied to memory, so try mimicking the smells of home. Ask for a familiar recipe of your favorite cookies, pies and cakes and make them yourself. Familiar smell will trigger the memories and your new apartment will no longer be just a place where you have to be, but a place you are looking forward to after a long and busy day. Other than this you can find your own signature scent and buy some candles, incense or room spray, or even bake a new cake that you have never tried before.


Personal items:  Details are the most important when it comes to decoration. We all have those little objects and ornaments that seem worthless but have huge sentimental value. Every piece of this kind will help your new flat be your new home. Put your favorite coffee cup from that trip you took back in the college years, and throw a blanket your parents bought for your birthday and enjoy it while reading your favorite book.

Show the love:  Your attitude, tone and spirit make the atmosphere of the home you live in. Once you get everything settled, open the windows, put some music on and enjoy it.  Some of the strongest memories are often connected to music. Sing along or dance, whatever you do just enjoy your home as it is.


Party-last, but not least: Getting your place up and running will make you feel connected to it. The best way, we can all agree, is to throw a party. Don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect, and if you didn’t manage to do everything that was on your list. You can start by asking your friends to help you organize and unpack everything and once you finish that, you can make something together in the kitchen and hang out on your cozy new couch surrounded by pillows and candles all around you. And if you are up for some big housewarming party, invite some friends who can bring their friends and be prepared for a big cleaning tomorrow morning, AGAIN! You will see, it will be worth it.


Whatever you decide to do with your new flat and decoration don’t be afraid to take a few risks. Be open-minded and always remember, people are the ones who bring positive and homey atmosphere to a new place. Remember that you can be like a snail, with your home right with you wherever you go.

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