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Blog May 29, 2017

Great Experience on Your First Move

Posted in How-to / By Steven Rogers

Relocating from one house to another can be a bumpy ride, especially if you are not prepared for the task ahead. People who are inexperienced with moves usually have a variety of assumptions that can easily lead them down the wrong path and into trouble.  Since this is something that we come across from time to time as a moving company, we have decided to help you avoid this source of stress. East Coast to West Coast Movers has decided to put together this guide on how to avoid some of the common mistakes people make when moving for the first time. If you keep these things in mind you are sure to have a much more pleasant moving experience.

Waking up early      

One of the more common mistakes that people make is staying up late the night before the move. This can be for whatever reason, last minute packing, enjoying the final night in your old home  or maybe you are just too excited about the day to come, whatever reason you can come up with. The problem with this is that it will leave you drained and not at your working best. Try and have everything done and say goodbye to your property a little ahead of time, if you do this you will be energized and ready for the big day, instead of tired, disorientated and looking for the nearest bed.

Another problem with this is that you are likely to oversleep. This is something that happens from time to time, and people are usually woken up by the mover banging on their front door. This leaves you with no time to freshen up and organize your day.

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Don’t be behind on your packing

One of the worst things that can happen is having the moving date drawing ever so near and still not having all your things organized, packed and ready for the big move. This is a common mistake that people who are moving for the first time make, and that is to underestimate the importance of starting the process of packing for the big move on time, by which we mean very early on. It would be ideal to have everything packed a day or two before the big move so that you can go over everything and see if you are set for relocation. The only boxes that you should have ready and available to you should be the essential items you have packed separately.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress that is brought about by rushed packing, be sure to

  • Have a timeline that you follow. This will ensure you have everything done on time and in parts, instead of having to pack all your belongings in a hurry, which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Begin packing as soon as possible. When you schedule a date for the move to take place, you should already start planning your packing as well. Start that very day or the day after, just make sure it is as soon as possible.
  • Prepare everything you need for the move. This includes packing supplies and packing materials, if you are planning on handling the pacing yourself.
  • Start with the hardest parts of the home. There is always a room where things are stored and where you don’t know what is what, it is best to start with this area so that you remove the hardest obstacle first. This will give you enough motivation to easily handle the rest of your move.

Not enough time!

If you are starting with your move later than recommended, for whatsoever reason, then don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to handle the entire move on your own. In such situations it is recommended that you get a helping hands from friends or family. They will be sure to help you make your deadline and have you back on track. If that is not an option or if money is not a big issue for you, then you might want to look into having a professional moving company handle the more for you. Professional movers have vast experience in optimal packing and the techniques of handling moves of all sizes, its basically second nature t them at this point.


As in most things in life, procrastination can happen even in such an important life event as moving. This can take many forms, such as the “Ill do it tomorrow” thought or the “there is plenty of time, il easily finish that when the time comes”. Both of these are just delays, and it is important to remember that procrastination is not your friend in this situation. You had better carry out the task as soon as possible and then you will have less stress and more free time when the date of the move draws near.

Making sure packing is done right

If you are handling the packing of items on your own, then it is best to do some research first. First time movers usually make the mistake of not fully securing their items, especially the more fragile things. It is best to have bubble wrap or another substance to cushion the blows or shaking the boxes might occur during transport. This will make sure that if the worst case scenario does happen, that your fragile belongings are safe.

Inventory and labeling

A huge mistake that people who are new to moving make is that they do not take inventory of their items and they end up not knowing where half of their belongings are by the end of the move. To avoid this it is always good to have at least the simplest method of knowing where you placed what and how many things you have packed. A problem that goes hand in hand with this one is the labeling of moving boxes. If you skip this important step you will spend hours rummaging through the boxes looking a specific object.

Have a box of essential items handy

When moving, your house will be full of boxes and most of your things will be packed away and won’t be seen until you reach your destination. To avoid having to wait till getting to your new home to use some items, you might want to have a box of essential items at the ready for you to use. So it is best to think of all the things you will definitely need in the transition period and put them in a specific box or bag you will have access to. This box can contain items such as specific tools you might need, medicine, toiletries, spare clothes and so on. The important thing here is not to be left with nothing while waiting for your things to arrive and to not over pack on the essentials.

These are just some moving tips to help you get to your destination on time and with little to no stress. We hope that these tips help make your move pleasant and wish you a great move.

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