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Blog May 29, 2017

Finding A Job In Another City After College

By moderator

How many of you started college with the dream of finding a job right after graduation, in your hometown, where your family and friends are? The reality may be slightly different. The situation you find yourself into will probably force you to seek job opportunities across the country. Even if some of you had a plan of moving right after graduation or not, you should definitely take into consideration several things, because it can be quite overwhelming. Since this is a huge transition, a good preparation which includes some serious research is obligatory.

Whether you are offered a job in another city, or you just have a dream of moving somewhere, move there right after college. We are all well aware of our comfort zone. Don’t postpone it because chances are, you might settle into a routine.

The truth is, you will never have enough money to move out. Don’t wait a year or two because the later you wait, the harder it will be for you to leave. You can significantly cut the cost of rent if you look for people in a need of a roommate. If you already did have a roommate, and it did not end well, don’t give up-try meeting new people without any prejudice and see how it will turn out. Yes, it will not be easy to find someone to live with, especially when you are in a new environment, but try checking out some options before you give up and decide not to move at all. Social media are the first thing you should take into consideration. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social platform that you decide to use as tool, it doesn’t matter-the more, the merrier. You can tell your friends to share your post on their pages too, and after that be prepared for tons of messages in your inbox. This is a perfect option for you to widen your circle of friends and to see the way you handle in whole new situation in life. No matter how hard is to make some new friends, find some time to get to know somebody better. That will definitely make you less homesick and you will start being a part  of the community which you have chosen to live in. It will be sort of like dating; you will choose someone based on their age, personality, habits and hobbies. It will be a perfect chance to chat with potential roommates and if nothing else, you may find a new friend. Also, be sure to inform everyone around you that you are looking for a roommate, you never know if some friend of a friend is looking for one, too.

If you are lucky enough to be offered a job before you relocate, congratulations! Finding a job is one of the hardest barriers to fresh graduates. If don’t have any offer, don’t worry. Find answers on questions like: What is the job market in the city you want to live in? Is it consistent and expanding? The culture of some jobs may be quite different from that you are accustomed to, so do some research and be prepared. Always ask yourself when you feel insecure: What am I gaining if I leave? So update your resume, pick your best outfit and start checking out companies you’re interested in working for. Sign up for job alerts to let you know when new job positions match your criteria. If you don’t already have, make your LinkedIn profile. It is easier to connect with professionals through it. Narrow down three to five companies you want to work for. Find people who already work there and let them know what you can bring to their company. You have to be flexible with your time, because you never know when your future employers will contact you. And they will not wait. Just like with finding a roommate, you should inform everyone from your surrounding that you are looking for a job. Try checking out local colleges and visit their carrier centers. Even if you are not a student anymore, these centers help newly relocated people. If you cannot wait long for a job opportunity, always be open to some temporary or seasonal job. There may be plenty short-term jobs you can find until you get hired full-time.

Everything is easier if you are enthusiastic. The more optimistic you are, the less stressful your day will be. The whole new world is here to be searched by you. Once you settle in your new home and find a job, things will change quickly. Don’t expect to find all the answers right away. The biggest step will be when you decide to make a move. Be restless, persistent, ambitious and open-minded. Don’t expect that new city or people around you do your work, everything it’s up to you. Sometimes, you need everything around you to be different to see yourself better. Changing your address is not easy, but changing yourself is the real obstacle.