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Changing Your Address


Changing Your AddressEach day, thousands of people move all over the United States for employment, education, retirement, or some other reason. Perhaps you want a fresh start in life, or maybe you want to get a job or attend college out of state. Before you make too many plans, remember that you need to change your address when you moving to a new location. Before you can settle in the new home, you’ll have to make sure your letters, bills, and packages arrive to the right address. Even though this seems like something that goes without saying, many movers still forget to do it on time and thus end up losing valuable pieces of mail.

So, it’s time to find out how to change your address when you move to a new destination. If you follow this checklist that we at West Coast East Coast Express have prepared for you, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with this task.


Who should you inform?


Friends and relatives are the first ones who should know you are moving. To save time and not forget to let your friends know, make a comprehensive list of everyone you’d like to inform. Once you have finalized your list, you can send a simple email with your new address. However, it’s not just your friends and family who need to know when you move. There’s a long list of organizations and companies that need to know your new address as well. If you’re a member of some clubs or groups, or you get subscription order in the mail, be sure to contact these agencies and companies as well. Your bank needs to know your new address too, so your debit-card billing address can be verified. Finally, don’t forget to order state identification card and a new driver’s license with your new address. In most cases, you will have about a month after moving to update your ID.


How should you do it?

When you are relocating, there are two different ways to change your address. You can change your address online for a fee or visit your local post office for free.


In-person address change

If you decide to do it in the post office, pick up a change of address form. Fill out the form entirely. You should provide your old address, new address, your name,  whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, the date of your move, and any other names you go by. Make sure you know all these pieces of information before you visit your post office.


Online address change

Another option is to do it online. Visit the website of the post office, and select the link for “Change of Address.” You may see an advertisement at the bottom of the page stating that if you are moving, you can change your address online. Keep in mind that changing your address online usually comes with a small fee.


When should you do it?

The ideal time to inform everyone that you are moving is usually a month before, but it can depend on the state. Some post offices might require this information even earlier. Double check with your post office to make sure that you know when you should notify them about moving.


Changing your address is a simple but crucial task. In order to make sure you don’t forget about it, consider hiring a professional moving company to take a load off your back. Call West Coast East Coast Express today to learn more about our services!

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