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Top 5 moving destinations for college graduates

After they have finished college, many students around US wonder: What now? The next important thing many will make is deciding where they should move after graduation.

Read More February 19, 2018

How to Pack in a Hurry

We know that packing is always stressful, can sometimes be a chore, and when you have to do it in a short period, it can become a nightmare. Whether you have a month to pack, or the only couple of days, there are some quick packing tips you can follow to make the process more efficient, and ensure that everything gets where it needs to go.

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How to Celebrate a Long Distance Valentines Day – Romantic and Creative Ideas

Long distance relationships are not easy at all, especially when there is a romantic holiday to celebrate. No matter if you’re physically apart from your loved one on that special occasion, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be romantic and unforgettable. Plan your long distance Valentines day in a way that will make you feel like you are right in the same place as your partner.

Read More February 13, 2018

A Guide to How to Change Your Address When You Move

When relocating there will be plenty of tasks on your to-do list. You’ll have a lot on your plate and one of the things to consider is how to change your address when you move. This is without a doubt one of the essential tasks you should tackle. To help you we present you with an ultimate guide on how to update all of your information and continue receiving important mail and packages without any misunderstanding with a postal service, government agency, or any other institution.

Read More February 12, 2018

The Ultimate Cross Country Moving To-Do List

If you don’t know how to start organizing your relocation and often ask yourself “how do I start preparing to move,” then you’re at the right place! We present you with the ultimate cross-country moving to-do list that will help you organize your household for relocation and save you from stressful last-minute preparations.

Read More February 7, 2018

How to pack paintings when moving

If you are moving and want to take your family photos, large pieces of artwork or other framed prints that you treasure you need to know how to prepare them for moving so you do not end up with broken or cracked glass or chipped frames. To help you move these works of art read the following tips on how to prepare your paintings for a move.

Read More February 6, 2018

Tips and Resources on How to Move Safely

Did you know that the highest portion of accidents in America happens at home? The relocation process highly increases the risk of injury, so knowing how to move safely should be your number one priority. Aside from physical injuries, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic poses yet another danger to the health and wellbeing of Americans. Read on to find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Read More January 31, 2018

Office relocation safety tips – Planning for the office relocation

Relocating your office is a time-consuming process. But it will not be that difficult if you do it with proper preparation and planning. The key to a successful move outcome is planning. How many times have you heard those words of wisdom? It’s much easier said than done. How exactly do you go about planning a successful move? While relocating your office or company, you should consider the safety factors to make the process safe, so that you will not face any trouble during packing and moving. To help you to make your relocation safe and comfortable, here are some tips that you should consider while relocating your office.

Read More January 30, 2018

How to pack silverware

Your silverware is an integral part of your kitchen and one of the first things that you are probably going to use after you settle into your new home. That is the very reason it is important to make sure that you properly pack your silverware so that it is ready to be used in your new home. To pack appropriately, you will need the proper packing supplies, such as a small moving box, packing paper or a roll of stretch wrap with a tension control handle, tape, and a marker.

Read More January 26, 2018

All You Should Know About Moving With a Dog to a New Home

Every relocation is challenging, especially when you’re moving with dogs. You probably have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start. If it’s your first time moving with a dog, it can be stressful for both you and your furry friend. How to move with a dog is the first question you ask yourself during this adventure. Here are some answers and tips on how to overcome relocation stress.

Read More January 13, 2018