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Office Relocation Safety Tips – Moving Day Safety Tips

Corporate relocation comes with is own suite of curses and blessings. Maybe you’re consolidating for efficiency’s sake, or perhaps you’re moving into a larger space. Either way, there are a lot of things in your usual office that require strategic organizing to ensure your business relocation goes smoothly. You’ve found the new ideal destination to […]

Packing checklist for an office relocation

The most important thing to remember during an office relocation is to stay calm and to plan ahead. Using the proper office relocation checklist as a starting point for packing is crucial. Don’t forget to share it throughout your organization, because:

Office relocation safety tips – Planning for the office relocation

Relocating your office is a time-consuming process. But it will not be that difficult if you do it with proper preparation and planning. The key to a successful move outcome is planning. How many times have you heard those words of wisdom? It’s much easier said than done. How exactly do you go about planning […]

How to pack silverware

Your silverware is an integral part of your kitchen and one of the first things that you are probably going to use after you settle into your new home. That is the very reason it is important to make sure that you properly pack your silverware so that it is ready to be used in […]

Things to do before the professional packers arrive

As with everything in life, a flawless move begins way before the moving trucks arrive at your house. A good way to start this process is to have professional packers handle your move, which is a great way to reduce stress and have a pleasant moving experience. Even if the professionals will be handling the […]

How to pack valuables when moving

When packing and moving valuable items such as paintings, antique objects, priceless fine china sets, jewelry pieces, electronic equipment, family heirlooms, and essential or even irreplaceable documents poses a different type of challenge compared to packing and moving clothes, books, and furniture.

How to prepare your Aquarium for relocation

Moving your aquarium can be a difficult task, but with a little planning, the correct handling, and the proper supplies your fish will make it to your new how with minimal upset. The tips which we have provided you within the article below should help you get through the process mentally and help alert you […]

How to move with a pet bird

Moving can be very stressful for your pet bird as birds are very sensitive to change. However, with proper planning, you can minimize the troubling changes in your bird’s world. Most moving companies won’t transport animals or live plants so you will have to move the bird yourself. To help you, we would like to […]

How to Pack Food for Your Move

Most movers find that packing the kitchen is the most challenging part of a move and because of this leave the kitchen for last. Before you decide that you would prefer just to throw everything away, use some of these tips to help you see what you should throw out, how to move the things […]

Moving With Your Dog

It’s never easy moving with animals, whether you are moving down the block or long distance there is a lot that needs to be prepared. We would like to provide you with a few tips which we hope will help you with your move.