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Blog May 29, 2017

Awesome Packing Hacks

By moderator

We could all use some nifty tips to save time when we are packing our luggage for a trip. When this trip is for long term, as it can be in the case of a moving house, those pieces of advice you gather can be all the more useful. It can save you a lot more than time. These life-altering tips and hacks will save you the precious nerves you will need now, during the moving hassle, and they will also help you save a few bucks. If you are anything like us, and you enjoy absorbing the internet knowledge, you will definitely find our pack-hacking article beneficial and hopefully not too boring.  In our effort to educate and entertain you here are some time-saving, constructive suggestions to improve your moving operation.

First of all, get rid of the clutter. Last thing you want to do while moving is hoard more unnecessary stuff around your brand new place. Do you want to carry around more than you will ever need? Choose the least useful things around the house, and pay special attention to the least valuable but large items that can be discarded and perhaps, later, replaced. This way, either you or the moving crew that is obliged to pack you can have a lot less on their to-do list. The idea behind this is simple, the less the moving/packing crew works, the less you have to pay them. If you can profit from the moving, even better! Sell whatever you don’t need anymore. In case you are going for an international move, we principle still stays. The more weight the cargo carries, the more you have to pay. We aren’t saying sell everything, we just want to point out that a lot of our possessions might not be as precious as we thought.

Now that you’ve decided what goes and what stays, you can move on to packing and sorting the boxes. With this part of the moving ordeal you want to be especially meticulous, and there are few reasons why:

  • You want to know where you leave specific items
  • You need easy access to some of the items
  • You want to protect all your belongings and secure them from breaking in the process

You have to have clear priorities when it comes to moving quickly. Whether you’re looking to save time or money or both, here is what we want to draw your attention to. Probably the simplest cheap moving idea you can use to your advantage when moving house is to organize your time in a clever way so that you end up saving huge chunks of time.

Have you thought about creating a moving calendar? One such calendar can do a lot to keep you on track and help you utilize every hour of every day so that moving day won’t catch you unprepared. Start the packing, collecting and reorganizing process a whole month, or even longer, ahead of your moving day. Many unexpected quirks that are bound to spring up in this moving ordeal are going to be dealt with promptly, and there will still be time left for you to mop up. Consult regularly with that moving checklist of yours and in no time you’ll be saving money by saving time.

Okay now to the best part – Easy tips. Here are some of our favorite ones:

Bag the clothes. Pack a closet full of stuff straight from the rack. Keep clothes on hangers, and just collect them in a large garbage bag, so you don’t have to unpack every single item with its hangers. Wondering why? It will save you hours of folding and it will protect the clothes from wrinkling it the process.

Designate a box, preferably a clear, transparent one, for the very first items you will need in a new home, so you save yourself from the scouring for an item in three different boxes.

Imagine you’re going on a short trip, and just pack whatever you need for it, just stick to the essentials. Chances are, if your new home isn’t ready on time for whatever reason, you might be staying at a hotel for some time. Have a few extra clothing items on you, you never know what might come up.

Here comes the section where we talk about easily-breakable items. If you’re moving fragile things, like glassware and plates and such, you might want to read through these few tricks:

To save the plates from breaking, use a different method of packing. Instead of placing them one on top of the other, put them in a box like you would do with records, one behind the other.

To insure even more safety, get a plastic or a paper plate in-between each of the plates. They will absorb any impact if need be. Glasses can present a tough challenge to pack, but if you have clean socks and bubble wrap, you will be more than okay to go. You can even ask the local pub for the boxes they get when being delivered wine, and use those to store glasses individually.

Have some other delicate cargo? Don’t worry, we have some more ideas:

Use the bathroom towels for damage proofing your electronic-ware. They can come in handy when you need to fill the space in a box or a crate somewhere and do wonders with securing the very delicate shipment.

Be careful with the white goods before transporting them, Make sure all the liquids they contain are drained and the goods are dried up. To move mattresses, keep them covered in the moving process with a fitted sheet. This will not allow all the dust, dirt and elements to get to them and ruin them.

Use egg cartons to easily transport your jewelry. Tape them shut so nothing falls out. Also, use toilet paper rolls for packing necklaces or loose bracelets. Just put one end through the roll and fasten the clasp.

Use plastic wrap to keep dressers drawers shut when the moving truck jostles them about, or for trays of items that would be just fine staying in the trays as long as they didn’t fall out. Plus, you can leave its contents in there, since the drawers no longer have a risk of sliding open!

Since they’re already plate-shaped, foam disposable plates are awesome for packing your real plates. Put them in between each plate in your stack before you pack it all up. Plus, you can totally class up the cheap comfort food you’ll want to get after you’ve finally unpacked your last box some day.

Use a box-cutter to cut triangle-shaped holes on either side of your heavier boxes to give you makeshift handles for easier lifting!