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Blog May 29, 2017

Cross Country Relocation: Moving Hacks

Posted in Moving 101 / By Eva Johnson

If you’re asking yourself “how can I make moving easier,” you’re in the right place. With some amazing moving hacks, you’ll remember with joy this relocation. We all know planning a relocation can be very hard and stressful. Gathering and putting your belongings into bags and boxes and then taking them out again is nobody’s number one activity. So, we put a guide with essential tips that will save you time and money.

Relocation to a new home can be stressful, but you can be like a pro with easy tips

If it’s your first time relocating or you had a bad experience in the past, follow these tips, and you’ll reduce relocation stress. Here are some tips and steps you shouldn’t miss.

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Create Ultimate Packing Checklist

A good way to start would be early planning of the whole process of the move. Organize yourself with a complete to-do list of all things you need to prepare and do before you even begin thinking about relocation day. Put on the list everything you have to do and who you need to call. That way, you can track your progress, and you won’t skip or forget any important step. Here are some tips on what you should do first:

  • Determine the budget – When it comes to relocating, one of the crucial things to think about is finances. Put on paper everything you need for this adventure and estimate how much everything is going to cost. Then you can start planning the next steps.
  • Declutter your home – The question you’re asking yourself when it comes to relocating is how do I make painless moving. Before you move, start decluttering room by room. Donate or sell all the things you don’t want anymore. And if you’re relocating with kids, include them too. That way, you’ll have extra help.
Take the whole day to create a checklist

Prepare the Boxes and Other Supplies for the Packing

Want to buy all the needed supplies because you never know when you’ll relocate again? In that case, purchase secure and waterproof plastic boxes, a lot of wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. But if you want to save some money, you can ask local stores to give you free boxes they don’t use anymore or ask your friends who were recently cross-country relocating if they have any leftovers. You can also check Craigslist online and many Facebook groups and see if there is someone who is giving away materials.

A plastic container is more practical, and it can be like storage in your new home

Know How to Use an Old Box

When your budget doesn’t meet all the requirements, knowing as much as possible packing hacks moving will save you a lot of money. Let’s say you found old boxes at your local store, and you’re asking yourself how to make sure they won’t fall apart. The tape will be your best friend. Tape a box from inside and outside. Use the box that is in bad shape for light and not breakable stuff.

Use All Materials You Have in the House for Packing

You’re probably asking yourself, how can I move cheaply. Instead of buying wrapping paper or bubble wrap, take what you have at your apartment. For example, towels, socks, laundry, sheets, and clothes can be excellent materials for packaging.

Learn some hacks to make moving easier

Use the Best Moving Hacks and Pack Like a Pro

Preparing all the items you want to bring to your new home is an exhausting task, among all other things you need to do, like changing your address. You don’t want to go over the same thing twice. Here are some tips on how to better organize packing for the move:

  • Smaller boxes for easier transport – Don’t forget that you have to carry the box you pack. It is better to have smaller and lighter boxes that you can carry up and down the stairs than a large one that has to be carried by two people.
  • Labeling – The hack is to label the box on each side, not the top. Another useful tip for labeling is to write what is in the box on a sticky note. That way, you know what is in them and can easily be reused for the next relocation.
  • Make handles on your boxes – You can cut a rectangular shape on each side of the box to lift them much easier.
  • Thrash bag – If you have a damaged plastic bag or trash bag, reuse them to store and protect your clothes. Put a plastic bag directly onto the hangers with clothes and assure them during the relocation process. It will also simplify the unpacking; you can just take out the bag (don’t throw them away, you might need them) and stick hangers into your closet.
  • Wrap fragile items – Instead of buying expensive packing supplies, wrap the dishes and other breakable items in your clothes you’ll pack anyway.
  • Organize small things – The lifesaver is a ziplock bag. It’s ideal for mall items that are often lost in relocation.
  • Protect all the bottles with liquid – Ensure them with plastic paper or wrap before putting the top, and you’ll move safely.
  • Save your cords with toilet paper rolls – it-s free and easy, and watch the video below for more details.

How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry? Here are Some Tips

If you didn’t start on time or something came up and you had to move in a hurry, here are some moving tips and hacks on how to do it like a pro:

  • Don’t empty the drawers – leave the clothes and other things inside. That will save you time.
  • Ask for help – call your friends to help you. It’s always good to have one extra pair of hands.
  • Start with the kitchen first – it is usually packed the longest.
  • Fill the suitcases with the heavy stuff – for example, packing books can make you regret even thinking about moving your library. Instead, you can put them in your big suitcase with the wheels.
  • Put your socks into the shoes – You have to pack the shoes so why don’t you make some extra free space in your packing box.

Here’s a video with some additional packing hacks for moving.

Hire Long Distance Moving Services

The relocation should be planned in advance. However not everything is lost if you don’t have time to do it on your own. Professional cross-country movers can help you with their moving services. You just need to find a reliable long-distance moving company that will provide the packing services and moving insurance. Don’t forget to ask about the storage service and auto transport as well. That way you don’t have to worry and can relax and enjoy the new home.

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