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Moving From or to Albuquerque, New Mexico with West Coast East Coast Express

  • If you are considering a move to Albuquerque, the southwest city recognized as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation, it will be an exciting decision and smart choice. But, for this big change, you will have to hire the professional moving company to help you with relocation. Hiring West Coast East Coast Express will be the easiest part of your move and it will be one less thing to worry about with us. We will provide you all services needed for relocation, such as:
  • Residential relocation services
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Long distance car shipping
  • Professional packing services
  • Moving supplies
  • Packing and moving tips
  • And much more.
  • All of this services need to be done in a certain way, to avoid damage to the contents. With West Coast East Coast Express, all your belongings will be packed and professionally loaded so you avoid moving nightmares and can rest assured everything is being handled with the professionalism, care, and courtesy. Your next question is, understandable, how much all of this services cost? Well, the price of relocation depends on various factors, from distance of moving, from the weight of your belongings, even the time of the year has an impact on the overall price. The best way to find out the price of your relocation is to call West Coast East Coast Express and our representatives will determine the cost.
  • At the end, you have to know that for unexpected circumstances, West Coast East Coast Express will provide you with free storage units for up to thirty days.  

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Known as the heart of New Mexico, Albuquerque has grown to be the largest city in the state. It is situated in the central part of the state, straddling the Rio Grande. According to the City of Albuquerque Convention, the word Albuquerque comes from the Latin words “albus” and “quercus,” meaning “white oak.” The city population is almost half million which ranks Albuquerque as the 32nd largest city in the U.S. Albuquerque’s demographical data shows two dominant races, along with various minor groups. The two most populous races in the city were white 45% and Hispanic 43%. American Indians comprise 4 percent of the population.  

Climate in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Albuquerque has a cold semi-arid climate. The city enjoys 310 days of the sunshine per year. With low humidity, averaging around 44 percent, and a minimal rainfall of 9 inches per year, Albuquerque is dry and hot in the summer. Winter days in Albuquerque are largely sunny, with less than a half-inch of rain falling each month, and December is the coolest month. Snow is a rare sight in Albuquerque, but the mountains get enough for skiing.

Neighborhoods in Albuquerque

  • Neighborhoods in Albuquerque are as diverse as the city itself. Albuquerque has eleven distinctive neighborhoods:
  • -Historic Old Town Albuquerque, Downtown, Nob Hill, Airport Area, Midtown Area, Uptown, Sandia Peak Tram, Baloon Fiesta park, North Valley, Westside, and Barelas.
  • More information about neighborhoods in Albuquerque you can find following this link.


  • Albuquerque Public Schools one of the largest school districts in the nation, provides educational services to over 87,000 children across the city. Schools within APS include both public and charter entities. There are 80 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, and 11 high schools.
  • Also, Albuquerque's educational system provides a wide variety of choices for private, public, continuing and advanced education.
  • The University of New Mexico , the state's largest institution of higher learning and part of the Rio Grande Research Corridor complex, is based in Albuquerque.
  • Other four-year institutions in Albuquerque include the New Mexico campus of the University of Phoenix   , the Metropolitan College of Court Reporting , a campus of ITT Technical Institute and National American University . The city is also home to Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute, the largest community college in New Mexico.
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