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Blog May 29, 2017

10 Signs It Is Time to Move

Posted in Finding a Home / By Michael Vaughan

Almost half the yearly moves happen during the summertime. However, no matter when you decide to relocate, the move itself is a big life-changing event, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. That’s why pay close attention to small and big signs that can tell you it is time to move and find a new home.

Remember, life is unpredictable. One day you’re in a relationship with a great job, and in another, you’re looking for an apartment just for yourself. On the other hand, maybe your family is getting bigger, and the home is getting crowded. Sometimes changing the address can bring you many benefits. It can help you climb the career ladder, gain higher knowledge, get a bigger house, and overall it can help you make unforgettable memories. If you are not sure you are ready to move, check out the signs that are indicating the right moment is right here, right now.

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The Most Common Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Relocate

Do you feel jaded and bored in your old place? Maybe you are itching for a change? If you are not sure how do you know it’s time to move, we made a list of signs that indicate you’re ready to relocate. If some of them speak to you, start looking for long-distance movers because it is the right moment to change the address.

Many indicators can tell you it is the right moment to relocate.

Your Financial Situation Improves or Worsens

Finances play a significant role in our lives. Maybe you lost your job, and now you need to move to a more affordable location. Or maybe you got the promotion, and now you have the money to buy a property. Your financial situation will influence your housing situation. If you notice that your bank account is suffering major changes, maybe it is the right moment to consider relocation.

You Don’t Need All That Space – Moving to a Smaller House With Less Furniture it The Solution

Suppose your living costs are becoming unbearable, you should find out what month is the cheapest to move and then do it. Don’t despair; there is always an option to move into a smaller house where the rent or mortgage is significantly lower. It is an excellent way to downsize bills and taxes and save some money to upgrade your life quality.

It could be challenging, but a smaller house is full of opportunities for you to be creative.

You Feel the Need for a Bigger Place

The need for a bigger house is one of the most common causes for relocation. If your family is getting bigger, you’ll need to have an extra room or two. On the other hand, maybe you’ve saved up, and now you can, and you want to have a bigger home with a larger backyard. Another indicator could be that your things are all over the pace, and you don’t have enough space for them. When this happens, stop asking yourself what the best time to move is because it is quite easy to figure out – there is no better moment than now. Use some awesome packing hacks, put all of your stuff in boxes and move them to a more spacious location.

If you have a lot of things, the best choice would be a bigger house.

The Need for Higher Education

According to American Moving & Storage Association, around 3% of yearly moves happen because people pursue higher education. Searching for good schools is an excellent motive to relocate. If you have kids, another reason for relocation would be settling in a highly ranked school district. So, no matter if you’re a student or you are relocating with children (or planning on having them in the future), finding and providing the best education possible should be one of the main priorities when relocating.

Pursuing good education can be a great motivation.

You Wish to Maintain The Quality of Your Health

Are you feeling like the area you are in is suffocating you? If that happens maybe, you should start searching for a place in a less polluted area, with more parks and open spaces. Finding the right location that will help you maintain the quality of health is very important, so don’t ignore it when you look for your next home. Furthermore, the environment is also very important if you are relocating with pets. There should be a park everywhere so that you can take them out.

We all wish the best environment possible for our loved ones and ourselves.

The Want to Reduce the Commute to Work

A shorter commute can be one of the reasons to move out of your old house. Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic. According to the US Census Bureau survey, the average American spends 26.9 minutes commuting to work every day. If you are sick of it, it’s the right moment to think about relocating to a smaller city with less traffic. This will probably mean that you have to relocate from a city to a country, but it will be worth the trouble.

Reduce hours on your way to work, and your life will be much easier.

It Is Time to Move When You Land a New Job

We tend to always look for better in life, so why would a job be any different? It is only normal that you are long-distance moving for a job you dreamed of. Don’t let the fact that you have to relocate stop you in your career path, give professional long-distance movers a call, and take advantage of this opportunity to start fresh.

Work is a big part of our lives. It is best when you are doing what you love.

You Are Longing for a Nicer or Better Neighborhood

Your desire to live in a better and prettier neighborhood shouldn’t be the last thing when it comes to moving. If you don’t feel safe and wondering if you are getting mugged on your way to the drugstore, don’t ask yourself when to move any longer. Pack up your bags, find a better neighborhood and relocate. You will be much happier knowing you are in a safe, friendly spot that fits all of your needs.

We all want to live in a greener, friendlier and overall better city.

There are Also Sentimental Reasons for Moving to a Different Home

If you decide to move in with your partner, it can motivate you to relocate and buy a new house to make your memories together. Another less happy motive for finding a place is a breakup. After the split from your partner, it’s time to make a fresh start, and finding another apartment is just what you need. Also, some people often move to be closer to their loved ones. When you live far away from your parents and friends, it can be difficult. If it happens that you miss your loved ones more often than not, relocating to be closer to them is the solution.

It is always hard to be far away from your loved ones.

You are Already Thinking About the Best Time of Month and Day for Move

You decided to relocate, and now you have to determine when to move. If you are on the budget, consider relocating in winter. However, cold weather might get you wondering – is December a good time to move? Don’t worry, winter move has some pros and cons to it, but the bottom line is that the benefits outnumber the downsides.

Pros of Relocating in Winter

Winter is not the first season that crosses anybody’s mind when we are talking about relocation. However, it comes with many benefits, such as:

Cons of Relocating in Winter

Winter also comes with some downfalls you should consider when creating a moving to-do list, like:

  • Cold weather means there are many things you should do before the move – like switching on utilities
  • Relocating during the cold weather means no Christmas and New Years holiday celebrations
  • Children have classes, so it could be tricky to relocate them during the school year.
Cold weather can be challenging, but a home can't wait.

When You Decide to Relocate Hire Long Distance Moving Company to Assist You

Once you decide when to relocate, you should find long-distance moving services and start thinking about what to bring and what to sell or give away. Don’t worry about packing services and moving insurance. Your cross-country movers will do it instead of you. All you should think about is a new home and future adventures.

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