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Blog January 30, 2018

How to Organize a Successful Office Move

Posted in Moving Day Tips / By Jane Davis

Using cross-country moving services is a challenging task, and if you thought that office move might be a bit easier, think twice. Without a good plan and organization, even if you move just around the corner, relocation to a new space can become a nightmare.

There are many reasons to move, and if you consider that an average American changes home about 12 times in a lifetime, then it’s no wonder that in 2019 nearly 31 million Americans moved. Corporate moves are 39% of the whole number, so you can imagine why it’s essential to know how to handle relocation stress. For most of us, our work is very important, and it’s considered our second home. Our article will show you some business moving hacks that will help you have the best experience.

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Start With Planning and Organizing Office Move Months Ahead Is The First Step

Moving efficiently is everyone’s goal when relocation is considered, no matter if it’s the first time to do it or it was done it before. The business relocation isn’t that much different from moving for love or any other reason. The key is a good organization and planning a few months before the relocation day comes. That’s why, once you decide it’s time to move, you should start planning right away. There are many tasks to be done, and at some point, it can become overwhelming. To prevent that, you should make a checklist of things to do before the relocation of your work and after as well.

Create Office Moving Checklist That Will Keep You Updated

One of the great ideas when relocating your work environment is to make a list of things that will ensure everything is prepared for the relocation day. You need to take some of your free time and think about all the things that will help you safely relocate your company. Not only will this list keep you updated, but it will also help you plan all the following steps and all the moving essentials you’ll need.

A checklist will help plan your office move and make the whole work easier

Introduce the Office Relocation to Your Employees and All External Contacts

Relocating a business to a new location and space is something that affects the whole team. That’s why when you decided to move and have a plan on how to do it, you should announce it to all employees. This is an important step because you don’t want your coworkers to feel neglected, or worse, express some negative feelings. Include everyone in the whole relocation process and talk to the employees about the change.

How Do You Announce an Office Relocation to Employees

Once you made a relocation checklist that will help you with all the things people tend to forget and organize the whole process better, you should tell everyone about it. All employees in the company need to have a clear picture of the process, and the best way to do it is to be positive and point out all the good sides.

Form a Team of Trustworthy People and Give Them Tasks

On the other hand, you need to keep up the team’s motivation and keep each and everyone who wants to be involved in the planning and organizing on board. This will help you and the entire company move since, as we all know, two pairs of hands can do more and better than one.

Set the team of people and schedule a timeline of the tasks. It’s a great way to involve everyone and keep them updated about the next steps of the move. It’s essential to do the planning part before the reliable West Coast movers come.

Before reliable cross country movers come, set a crew at your work

Choose and Hire Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company

The essential thing in the whole company move is choosing the right professional crew with reliable long-distance moving services. If you’re wondering how to move large items or you never packed technology before, that’s when the professional long-distance movers step in. Their packing services and the moving insurance for all of your office belongings will make sure you have the best experience with this business move. In fact, if you have some bulky stuff you couldn’t find another home for or donate to Goodwill, you can keep them in the storage facility that a cross-country relocation company will offer you.

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Make an Inventory List and Gather All the Important Documents

After you hired cross-country movers that will take care of all services, including auto transport, one of the best ways to have an organized business move is to make an inventory list. Here are the main categories to include in your list:

  • Things to get rid of,
  • Things to purchase,
  • Things to pack.

Another thing to pay attention to is to be sure your documents are backed up. The best solution would be to switch everything into a digital form and ensure nothing is lost during the transportation.

Make Sure All Items and Furniture Can Fit the New Space

While making a plan for a new workspace, from finding reliable East Coast movers to making a packing guide, you can easily forget to check the space in the new building. Before you get to the packing part, be sure to check if all the furniture and the equipment can fit in the new company space. If you need some ideas on how to decorate your future workspace, watch the video below.

Introduce New Space by Throwing Welcoming Party

The whole relocation process can be quite stressful and overwhelming for you and your team. However, if you start planning on time, you won’t need as much effort as you would when packing in a hurry and organizing everything at the last minute. So, once you settle in, you can throw a welcoming party for the entire team and make them feel at home.

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