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Blog February 6, 2018

How to Pack Paintings When Moving

Posted in How-to / By Jane Davis

If you are moving and want to take your family photos, large pieces of artwork or other framed prints that you treasure you need to know how to prepare them for moving so you do not end up with broken or cracked glass or chipped frames. To help you move these works of art read the following tips on how to prepare your paintings for a move.

Use the correct packing materials

We pack smaller pictures and frames you can use a medium sized moving box that is clean and has a solid bottom. We recommend that you use used boxes whenever you can which will not only save you money but also will help the environment. Just keep in mind that if you plan to utilize the used boxes make sure that they are dry and clean and that they can support the weight. If you are moving large pieces of artwork, it is best to pack each piece in a separate specialty box that is slightly larger than the frame you are going to pack. You can get these specialty boxes at a moving supply store or from your truck rental agency. Some office supply stores may also have them available for purchase. If you can’t get specialty boxes, take apart a used box and flatten it. You will need a box that is bigger than the picture and frame. You will also need to get some brown packing paper, linens, bubble wrap, or other soft material to wrap and protect the frame. You will also need packing tape and a marker.

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Tips on how to wrap the picture and frame

Start by laying out the brown packing paper flat on your work surface. If you are packing a large frame or picture lay out the paper so that the ends overlap to create a paper area that is twice the size of your frame. Next lay the frame glass side down against the packing paper. Wrap the ends of the paper around the frame just as if you were wrapping a present. Wrap the packing tape all the way around the frame both widthwise and lengthwise. This will make sure that the paper stays in place during the move to its new home. If you are packing small frames and photos and are packing them together into one moving box, we still recommend wrapping each one in packing paper.

Boxing up the paintings and pictures

If you are not using specialty boxes, make sure that you tape one end of the box that you took apart earlier and secure it using packing tape. If the box is large enough so that its edges can bend around the frame of the painting, bend them and secure them with packing tape. If the box does not wrap, you can either cut the box up, creating individual cardboard pieces or disassemble another box and use that to protect the exposed sides of the frame.

Where to place on the moving truck

When loading the boxes onto the moving truck keep the packed picture on its side not flat as the picture will handle the pressure easier on its side than when it is flat.

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