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Blog January 13, 2018

Moving With a Dog

Posted in Moving 101 / By Jane Davis

Every relocation is challenging, especially when you’re moving with dogs. You probably have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start. If it’s your first time moving with a dog, it can be stressful for both you and your furry friend. How to move with a dog is the first question you ask yourself during this adventure. Here are some answers and tips on how to overcome relocation stress.

How Does Moving Affect a Dog

When moving with pets, you need to be very patient and careful because every animal is attached to its home and environment. A good start would be creating a to-do list before the move. Planning will reduce the relocation stress. Why is this important? Our pets, especially dogs, can feel every emotional change. So, if you’re feeling stressed, your puppy will undoubtedly notice something is wrong.

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Keep the Routine Regular as Much as Possible

Living with dogs means a lot of effort and love. Don’t allow this relocation to keep you from your everyday routine. If you interrupt daily activities, your puppy will be confused. That’s why it’s very important to prepare for the relocation in advance and do one task at a time. That way, you’ll do everything more relaxed, and your furry friend won’t notice the significant change.

Walking your dogs will keep their routine - that way, they won't feel that much stress during the relocation

Pay a Visit to a Vet

Make sure your puppy is healthy and can take any kind of trip, no matter if you’re planning on cross-country relocation or just around the corner one. So, call your vet and make an appointment. This is probably the most stressful part of this journey, so be sure your fluffy friend gets all the love and attention needed. Don’t forget to bring its favorite food treats.

Gather All the Documents and Insurance for Pets

This is an excellent opportunity to get all the necessary documentation for your pet. Here are some documents you need and things you shouldn’t forget to do:

Dogs often feel anxious when visiting the vet, but it's just one of the things you need to do when relocating to a future house

Moving With a Dog – Prepare Yourself and Your Pet for a New Home

Planning on how to relocate safely is an exhausting task. Having a furry friend that also has to be relocated is even more exhausting. Preparing the whole process of relocation on time is half the way done. Try to avoid packing in a hurry and make sure your dog knows what is happening. Show your furry friend the packing boxes and relocating supplies, it might help.

Introduce Your Dog to the New Environment Before Moving Day

A great idea when moving a dog to a new home would be to take your fluffy friend to get to know your future neighborhood, though we admit it may be difficult. That way, both of you will feel more relaxed and calm when the relocation day comes.

Let your furry friends get to know the house and environment

Prepare Your Pet for the Moving Day

We all know how the relocation day looks like. Boxes and packing supplies are all over the place, long-distance movers will also be there and that means a bunch of unknown people on its territory. Try to think like your fluffy friend and how stressful it would be. Put your puppy in a separate and quiet room, to spare it from all the chaos and noise. Make sure you put some of your dog’s favorite food and toys in the room and don’t forget to check it every once in a while.

Show your fluffy friend the boxes and packing supplies

Don’t Forget Daily Exercise

You might neglect your pet during the whole relocation process while thinking about how to pack your valuables or other things you have to do before the move. No matter how many tasks await you, your dog’s needs should be your priority. Is moving stressful for dogs? The answer is yes. So, make room for a twenty-minute walk or training each day or just go to the nearest park. That training will help your puppy reduce stress and adapt quickly to a future house. If you just don’t have enough free time in this relocation chaos, watch this video for some exercise and training without walking.

How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Adjust to a New Home

If you recently used long-distance moving services and your furry friends have a hard time adapting, be patient. How long does it take for a dog to get used to a move? It depends on each puppy. It might take several weeks for your furry companion to adapt. If your puppy is barking all the time, note it is normal. The animals can’t understand why the change happened, so their strange behavior is the reaction to the unknown.

Help Your Dog Adapt to a New Home

As mentioned before, it’s normal that your fluffy friend exhibits unusual behavior after you changed the address. In the first few days, try not to leave him or her alone. You need to overcome your stress and be there for your puppy to help. Let the long-distance moving company take care of packing services, as well as relocation insurance and storage services. You should spend as much time together in the future house. That way, both of you will be stress relieved and enjoy your new home.

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