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Blog May 29, 2017

A Guide to Cross Country Moving With Pets

Posted in Moving 101 / By Michael Vaughan

Whether you’re moving across the street or to a completely different country, packing your entire home up and relocating seems like an adventure. But what happens if you’re moving with pets? If you add one or even two of your beloved furry friends to the mix? You know your cat! She camouflages herself and hides in the darkest places when she detects even the slightest change in the air. And your dog? He has his weird sixth sense about these things, always knows upfront when you’re planning something. That’s why that idea might sound like a bit of a nightmare you would like to forget about and continue with your life without any disruption. However, don’t be discouraged, because here you’ll find many tips which will help you transition smoothly with your pets.

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Prepare for the Big Travel to a New Home

First things first, and that means a bit of research and paperwork on a new home to avoid making common moving mistakes. Before making the packing list and asking all the puzzling questions about hiring cross country movers, make sure you understand what long-distance moving with pets implies. Sit down a bit and think about whether you need professional packing and long distance moving services since these are the ones that can speed up the process and make it less demanding. Thinking outside the box is always affordable, so try to approach the problem the most efficient way possible. Same goes for car shipping, don’t let it burden you on top of all the other things from your moving checklist. When crossing the state, these few simple preparation steps will make the experience less challenging not just on yourself but on animals, too.

Expatriation for your pets can be easy if you know where to start from

Take Your Furry Friend History With You

This is an excellent time to look around the room and put all of your pets’ records in order. If you don’t have them all with you, ask for copies, remember if they are up-to-date on vaccinations, and think if there’s any kind of document you might be missing. You can update pet tags and address online, and if your cat or dog is microchipped, even better, just in case, they get separated from their collar on the way or get lost. Also, most states insist on a veterinary inspection certificate, also known as a health certificate (CVI), so keep it with you.

All necessary pet documentation will ensure you safe travels to your new destination

Reach for the Help – Call a Vet When You Are Moving With Pets

Even though the whole process seems a little bit overwhelming, there is no need for panic before you hit the road. When dwelling upon all the things to do before moving, the first one would be to get in touch with your vet and discuss what works best for your furry buddies. He’s undoubtedly the one who could help ensure their happiness and safety by giving you tips on what to do with pets while moving. Considering that some cats are slightly more sensitive than others, and it’s the same with dogs, they might need specific medication before the relocating day, so they can endure the long ride.

Reaching out for help will ease the stress of moving abroad with your pets

How Do I Move My Pets To Another State?

Now you’re all packed up and ready to go, but you’re still trying to figure out the best answer to the main question: how do you move long-distance with a pet? As might be expected, there are many possible solutions to get you to the desired destination, depending on your budget and the accompanying furry friend’s needs. If driving to your new home, you can handle it yourself, or you can take your beloved pets on the plane with you. If so, make sure they are being  transported in carriers matching their size and weight.

Safe ways to transport your pets

Keep Your Pet Happy Down a Bumpy Road

We all love our internal structures and routines that guide us almost mechanically through our day. When something abruptly happens to disrupt it, we feel anxiety approaching in waves. It’s the same with the animals, so to help you move with a dog or a cat to a new home, we recommend having as many old things with you as possible, which will make the relocation cozy and familiar.  What every feline friend requires is a pet carrier, as well as some time to get acquainted with it, at least a few days before the move. Similarly, help your dog prepare for the changes gradually, especially if you have one with little or no experience with cars and traveling.

When the big day finally arrives, make sure to keep all of these at hand – your pet’s favorite food, treats, little bowls, basic first aid kit, their blankets, toy or two, and we also recommend putting an extra T-shirt in their carrier or by their side, since it’s well known that familiar smell keeps your pet happy..

For more tips on easing the ordeals of travel for your pet, check out the following video.

Make Your New Place Familiar

If you wonder how long does it take for a pet to adjust to a new home, patience and safety are the keys. Seeing that most of the animals have an instinctive fear of new surroundings, especially the indoor-only ones, some will be fine within only a few days, while others will need weeks or even months to settle. Whatever the case, sticking to the old routine might be of great help. One of the best moving-with-pets tips is to keep yourself calm and relaxed because our four-legged companions are naturally tuned to picking up our body language.

Home Wasn’t Built in a Sniff

Assuming you will be anxious to unload all your belongings, try to remember your pet will also be anxious to get to know its new neighborhood. A walk and sniff around will do good to both since getting to know and explore the place makes everything a little more homey and familiar.

Replanting Your Roots Might Be Painful, but There’s Always Somebody

Your fur babies might not feel entirely at home overnight. If they’re hiding under the bed and behave extra-sensitive after more than a few weeks, there are always many pet communities around you to get in touch with. It might also be a good idea to find a new vet in the neighborhood, or even contact the old one, because making a good estimate on your pet’s health will keep you calm.

Adjustment process might take a while but it is a rewarding experience

Stay Adventurous and Stress-Free While Moving With Pets

Feel free to give yourself time, and to your pet as well, because you will surely need it for a moving adventure like this. No matter how much of it you spend on pre-planning how to safely move across the country, you will probably never be able to eliminate the stress altogether. Still, let long distance moving company handle your belongings while you are taking care of your furry little friend. It will be worth it, and your pets will surely not forget to show you how grateful they are.

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