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Blog August 25, 2017

How to Pack Technology

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

If you are facing a house move any time soon, the big question is how to achieve your electronic gadgets arrive in one piece and in the same working condition. In the chaotic period of house relocation packing and safely moving technology devices are nobody’s favourite tasks. By planning ahead and being a bit overcautious you can avoid many accidents that befall technology devices during transportation.

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Keep in mind that it requires much patience, time and knowledge. It is vital to protect them the best way for shipping since they are very sensitive and fragile and can’t be tossed with other stuff. When it comes to packing them, we fail to remember one simple thing, to follow the instructions on their manuals. They are probably somewhere stashed around the house, but if you are an organized person, you keep them all in one drawer or a special folder. If you haven’t thrown them yet, the instructions given there might have some crucial information on what you must pay attention while packing them. The technology is extremely sensitive to heat, so if they get overheated, it will come to electronic break. If you can’t find the manual, don’t panic. Most manufacturers have the versions online, which can be downloaded. Just print it and you will get your copy which you have to start studying carefully, paying the attention to the part which deals with storage, unplugging and moving.

There are special designed plastic bags which will keep the dust from entering into your device and serve as a cushion against external impacts. They need special attention. A plenty of cushioning will protect your precious tech items from cracks and damage. It would the best to have their original packages since they are designed according to their shape and weight. Otherwise, you will have to find the boxes with improved protection. You probably don’t have all the boxes and the foam which normally comes with them, so do the inventory in your attic or a basement and see how many you are missing in order to buy the needed number on time. You don’t want to end up having the not to have the appropriate ones. Their cardboard should be thicker than a common one and they have double walls. It will absorb the vibrations and shocks along the way and keep them safe and sound. Also, be careful choosing a bubble wrap; take the kind of a bubble wrap which avoids possible harmful effects of static electricity. They provide the ultimate level of safety. Of course, there shouldn’t be any space in-between since shifts are highly undesirable. After everything is wrapped well, use the strong packing tape generously, the more, the better.
You also have to get everything in order, including all the manuals, which you will take with you to your new home. Also consider the idea to get temporary insurance which will cover the whole move. Whatever shipment method you have chosen, additional insurance is highly recommended. There may be some unnecessary items which can be removed from them. Do not forget to label them to save time when you will set everything up again after settling in your new home. Anyway, do not plug them immediately after you enter your new home since they need some time to acclimate to different humidity and changed temperature. If there are any batteries in a tech item, you should remove them to eliminate the possibility of battery leakage during transportation.
As already mentioned, labelling each item, especially cords, is of big importance. When you start unplugging, immediately label each cord in order not to be confused by many of them when it is time to plug them in again. You could even take a photo before you disconnect each technology device so you will have a clearer picture when setting it up again. Try to place all the wires and cables in the same box with the device, even after getting them labelled with the marker. You could be greatly confused and astonished if you saw them all in a pile in one bag or a box. Remember not to put more devices in one box. They mustn’t be close to one another in any way. Take a hard marker and write down that it is fragile and mark the side up with an up arrow. The marker must be permanent in order not to have any signs on the box erased during transportation. Document all you current set up and stick to the tips. To help ensure that everything is accounted for, make you moving checking list and just cross the thing on the list which you have done. It will keep you organized from start to finish.

After you have carefully packed all the boxes with your technology, don’t lift them alone. It doesn’t matter if they are lighter or heavier; you can easily drop them by accident, damage them at the start and even hurt yourself. They are delicate objects and must be handled with much care.
All the mentioned tips will help you pack and move your technology without much trouble but remember that the safest way to move without any trouble is hiring experienced movers. Your moving company has definitely much experience to adequate advise you about any issue which shoes up. They will provide you invaluable assistance and ship your technology safely to final destination.

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