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Blog January 26, 2018

How to Pack Silverware

Posted in How-to / By Jane Davis

Your silverware is an integral part of your kitchen and one of the first things that you are probably going to use after you settle into your new home. That is the very reason it is important to make sure that you properly pack your silverware so that it is ready to be used in your new home. To pack appropriately, you will need the proper packing supplies, such as a small moving box, packing paper or a roll of stretch wrap with a tension control handle, tape, and a marker.

Instructions for packing silverware

Begin by securing the bottom of the box with packing tape then start lining the box with crushed packing paper to provide an extra cushion for your silverware. Next, its time to wrap the tray, you can use either packing paper or plastic wrap. If you are using plastic wrap, use the tension control handle to help you guide the wrap around the tray, the wrap should stick to itself, so you don’t need to tape it. If you plan to use packing paper then you will need half a sheet of packing paper and place it on top of your tray, then place the tray on a stack of packing paper and use several sheets of packing paper to wrap that tray up just like a present.  Place the tray flat inside which should help make sure that the silverware stays in place during the move. Fill any preset gaps with crushed packing paper to secure the tray. Finally tape the box closed and label it as silverware.

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How to pack if you don’t have a silverware tray

If you don’t have a tray but just keep all of your silverware in a drawer, then you should bundle all of the similar pieces together and wrap them in packing paper. Then the bundles should be placed flat inside the box like you would with a tray or pack the bundles with the other kitchen utensils.

Additional tips to help you pack

You should use acid-free tissue paper when packing your silverware, and this will help prevent your silverware from getting tarnished.

If you have a case for your silverware, it is best to use it and pack all of your silverware into it and pack the case at the bottom of your box.  Make sure to place a layer or two of packing paper over it to prevent your other cutlery from damaging it.

Knives should be handled with extra care, Wrap them in a few extra layers of wrapping paper to prevent anyone getting accidentally cut.

You should label the bundles, for example, forks for the one with forks, it is important that you label the one with knives for safety reasons. Also, you should draw some arrows indicating which side is the blade of the knife and its point, and you don’t have to use arrows just use some means of marking where the sharp bits are, and this will help prevent injury during unpacking.

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