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Blog January 1, 2018

How to Pack Makeup When Moving

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

When moving you may be tempted just to throw all of your makeup into one bag and just move it like that. This is a very bad idea as pressed powders can crumble, glass bottles may break, and other items might get damaged. When you are moving or traveling, it is important to take care of your makeup to keep it intact. Here we have provided a few tips on how you can safely pack and move your makeup.

Get the right makeup bag

Before you can begin packing your makeup, you need to find the right makeup bag. We recommend that you use a makeup bag or a train case with pouches and pockets so you can separate items as you pack. Place liquids in one compartment, loose powders in another and so on. It’s important if you are planning on traveling by air to squeeze the air out of all of your lotion and serum bottles, the same increase in air pressure that causes ears to pop can also cause these bottles to pop open. To reduce a chance of them spilling their contents make sure that you puff the air out of them. Make sure that you bundle similar items together before you pack them into your makeup bag. Once they are ready to be packed place the heaviest items, usually foundation and setting spray, on the bottom of the bag and place the lighter items on top.

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Packing makeup

Before you travel make sure that you visit your local cosmetics store and ask for samples, many brands offer cute small packages of your favorite products. It is much easier to pack these smaller samples that the full-sized products. If you can not acquire samples, you can make your own by putting small amounts in a clean bag screw-top contact lens case. Squirt some liquid such as a dab or foundation or moisturizer, into the wells of the case and just take the amount you need. To help keep your pressed powders, blushes and other pressed powders from breaking, place a cotton pad between the powder and the lid. It will provide a little extra cushion to keep everything in its place. If your powder does break then do not worry, a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the compact and press the pieces back in to place and your makeup should be good as new. Nail polishes should be wrapped in newspaper and placed in zipping topped bags. Remember nail polishes are flammable and as such are not allowed in the moving truck, you have to pack them for moving and carry them yourself. Separate your liquids, place plastic wrap over bottle openings and replace the lids. This will create a tighter seal on the lid and help to prevent leaks. To keep your powders from spilling place them in zip-top bags, wrap them in cling wrap or tape around the lid. Any makeup that you don’t plan on using during the move should be packed away into a moving box. Make sure to fill all empty spaces inside with crushed packing paper.

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