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Blog January 5, 2018

How to Pack Children’s Toys: Moving Tips

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

Toys come in all sizes and shapes which makes them very difficult to pack for a long distance relocation. IF you have children, then these tips will help you properly pack their most treasured toys so that they travel safe, sound and are ready to be played with at your new home. To pack properly, you will need moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape and a marker.

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Packing the toys

Start by lining the box with crushed packing paper to provide an extra cushion as you pack loose toys inside the box. Make sure to bundle the small toys and accessories in packing paper. This includes toys such as Hot Wheels, small Barbie doll accessories, and other small toys. Zip top bags are also a great way to keep tiny pieces from getting lost during a move. Put larger boxes directly into the box, such as toy trucks, board games, action figures and other toys that get played with a lot. As soon as the larger items are in the box, place the small toy bundles into the box as well. All delicate toys should be packed in a separate box. This refers to stuffed toys, and other fragile toys like remote control helicopters, model cars, model airplanes, etc. You can choose to wrap these toys in packing paper for extra protection or place them directly into the box. If there are gaps, there is a chance that the toys to shift around during the move so that the gaps should be filled with crushed packing paper. Use packing tape to secure the box then label the box as fragile with fragile toys inside.

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A few more tips for packing toys

Before you pack every one of your toys sort through them and see if there are any that you can donate, sell or discard as the less you have to move the easier your move will be. Let your kid pick a few of his favorite toys to keep with him instead of loading them all into the moving truck.  When moving if your children are old enough to understand what is going on you should explain the situation to them in detail and give them something to do like packing the toys, by either wrapping them in packing paper or bubble wrap, arranging them in boxes, label and decorate the boxes however they want. Another good idea is to encourage your kids to think about how they want to decorate their new room which will help to add a very positive perspective to the move. Make sure that you are clear when you explain to your kids that they have to choose a set of toys that they want to keep out of the moving boxes from the next couple of weeks. Be sure to make it clear to them that everything else is going into moving boxes and is only to be taken out after you have moved to your new home.

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