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Blog January 3, 2018

How to Pack and Move a Big Screen TV

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

When you are moving to a new place, you will have quite a lot of electronics to move. One of the most expensive pieces of electronic equipment that you own outside of your car and house is most likely your tv. With televisions getting taller, broader and more expensive, The good news is that they are also lighter the fact that they are so broad and wide makes them more awkward to handle and move. Here are a few tips on how you can make sure that your television arrives at your new home without breaking.

Make sure to get some help. While it might seem obvious, it is important that you make sure that you have enough help to move the television. They are a lot heavier than you might think and because they can be quite fragile and their awkward dimensions its best to have some help when you are moving it, not just to help carry but also to direct as you move it from your home onto the truck.

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Rent moving blankets or moving pads

You will need moving blankets or pads to help protect your television from bumps scrapes and fingerprints. You can rent these blankets and padding from your moving company or truck rental agency. You will also need to get strong packing tape on hand to secure the blankets or pads around the tv.  Depending on the size of your tv and the sizes of available blankets and pads, you might have to hire more blankets to protect your tv and keep in mind that there is another furniture that will need them as well.

Rent some moving straps

A moving company should be able to provide you with moving equipment, so if you are moving by yourself then a moving dolly which will make moving heavy appliances is a good idea. Along with the moving dolly, you should also rent some moving straps which may make it easier to move your big screen tv. Moving straps can secure moving blankets and pads to your tv. They can also be used as handles when you are carrying your tv. Whether or not to use straps depends on the size of your tv and how awkward it is to handle. Using blankets or padding may make it more difficult to keep a hold of.

How to wrap your TV

Begin by placing the blanket or padding on the floor. Set the tv on top of the padding, standing in its usual position, then carefully wrap the tv like you would wrap a big present. You may need a few sets of hands to keep the padding or blankets in place while you or someone else secures it in place with packing tape. Make sure that you don’t secure the tape directly on to the tv especially not the screen as this can damage the screen.

Where to put the TV on the truck

Once you have the TV on the truck make sure that it is in a safe place and cant move. The best place is against the back wall of the moving truck or against a side wall. Pack large pieces of furniture around the TV, things that will not shift during transit. As long as the TV was wrapped securely, it will be protected against bumps. Just make sure to keep box corners and other sharp objects away from the screen.

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