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Blog December 11, 2017

How to Move When Pregnant

Posted in How-to / By Michael Vaughan

There are a few things that are as stressful as moving while you are pregnant. From unwanted fatigue to serious nausea a pregnancy presents women with many additional hurdles along the way. Add to it all the stress of coordinating a move, and you have a challenge on your hands. We would like to provide you with a few tips on how to deal with this situation, The right planning, and the right help will go a long way to making your move without losing your mind.

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Plan Ahead

Just like everything else in life, planning ahead will significantly contribute to a successful move. You will need to plan months ahead to avoid all the unnecessary tasks such as packing, cleaning, finding movers, etc. If you are moving to a new city you should, you should make finding a new doctor your highest priority. Everyone who has made first-time appointments with a new doctor knows that it can take weeks even months before you are able to get through the door. So plan ahead, begin by researching the local hospitals and doctors in the area you will move to. Once you have found the ones that meet your requirements schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to ask your current doctor if he has any recommendations or if he knows any good doctors in your new city. Once you have made an appointment, call and let your current doctor know that you are moving and have them send all of your medical records to your new doctor.

Reduce Stress

We know that a relocation process can be very stressful, but it is of the utmost importance that you do your best to try to reduce any and all anxiety. Taking care of yourself and your baby should take priority over the normal stress that comes with all moves. One of the ways to do this is by staying active, Make time do some exercises, Yoga, or even a walk can help to lower your cortisol levels and get your mind of your anxieties. Reading a book or treating yourself to a prenatal massage at a spa can also help you to relax. Socialize by going out and having dinner with your friends or something can also help you immensely with taking your mind off of your stress. It is of the utmost importance that you get at least eight hours of sleep a day, this will help you be more energetic and reduce your stress level significantly.

Recruit some help

When you are packing your household to move it is always a good idea to have as much help as you can get, if you can afford it you should hire professional packers to help you pack your things. If you are planning to do it yourself to save money then its always a good idea to call some friends and family members who would be happy to come and help you out.

This quick guide covers the basics of moving when pregnant, if you are interested in finding out more information check out this forum for real life experiences. If you want some more quick tips or more in depth information visit our blog page

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