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Blog February 20, 2018

Help Your Teenager Adjust to the Move

Posted in How-to / By Steven Rogers

Moving is hard enough when you are an adult, but for teenagers who are experiencing their own age-related issues, it can be even harder. Relocating to a new home just makes their life much more complicated. They have to leave their friends behind, move to a new neighborhood, and start going to a new school. We at West Coast East Coast Express would like to provide you with some tips on how to help your teenage child adjust to the transition a little easier.

Ask for their opinion

If you are still searching for the perfect home, then ask the teenagers in your family where they would like to move. Find out what their wishes and preferences are, what kind of a bedroom they want to have, and what kind of a neighborhood they would like to live in. Getting their input early on will make them feel that they are a part of the decision making process and that they made a significant contribution. Once you have found a home, suggest that each member choose their own room. They could also think about how they would like their spaces to look. This will also provide your teenager with a project which will help them take their mind off the move.

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Help them explore their new surroundings

Ask them to look for specific information that will be relevant to the family, such as where the nearest recreation center is, or what time the closest grocery store closes. Suggest that they should join you in touring the new school, look into what clubs and teams they have which your child can join, and if you are moving before the start of the school year, then look into summer clubs and teams, so that they can make some friends for when they do begin school.

Give them a list of tasks to complete

It’s best to give your teenager something to focus on as they get adjusted. Give them some things to do, such as pack their rooms, help out with younger siblings, help to organize a garage sale, etc. – whatever needs to be done and makes them feel like they are a part of the move and it’s not something that is just happening to them. Suggest that they put together their own moving kit with things important to them, such as games, books, magazines, and other things that they will need to be entertained on their way to their new home. It can also include maps and travel guides to the new city, a list of recreational activities, and addresses of friends to whom they can send postcards from their journey. Also, ask them to pack an essential kit which can include items like clothes, books, and personal things that they can’t live without.

Let the professionals do all the hard work

One of the best ways to help your teenage child deal with the relocation is to spend time with them. However, you are unlikely to be able to do that if you need to take care of the whole moving process alone. That’s why hiring professionals might be the best option. This way, you will have packers and movers do all the hard work for you, while you can focus on helping your teenager sail through this transition. If you still haven’t found a good moving company, call West Coast East Coast Express – we’re at your service!

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