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Blog February 7, 2018

The Ultimate Moving to-Do List

Posted in Moving 101 / By Eva Johnson

If you don’t know how to start organizing your relocation and often ask yourself “how do I start preparing to move,” then you’re at the right place! We present you with the ultimate cross-country moving to-do list that will help you organize your household for relocation and save you from stressful last-minute preparations.

Now when you’ve finally finished all the paperwork and choose the neighborhood where to live, it is the right time to start organizing your relocation. Here is how you should organize a moving list of things to do in a timeline in order to attain a perfectly prepared and organized relocation.

What Should I Do 2 Months Before Relocation?

Once you choose the best place to relocate to and you’ve successfully assigned your relocation contract, it is the right time to inform your family and friends that you are relocating to another place. If you move to another state or city, you may find this stressful, so throwing a party where you’ll announce your plans and have a chance to properly say goodbye to everyone might make it easier. Then you can focus on the more technical part of the relocation.

Research Child Care and Schools in Your New Community

Moving with kids demands a bit of a different approach to relocation. You should definitely try to register them for child care or school as soon as you can since, in some cases, there are waiting lists. Also, it would be very helpful if you visit the facility before you make registration and see if all conditions are in accordance with your expectations, especially regarding school location.

And while we are speaking of children, it is a good idea to mention that the relocation can be interesting for them too. For example, you can try to plan packing toys with them, and take advantage of this moment to explain all the benefits of changing the school and meeting new friends. These conversations may affect making the relocation with kids easier.

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Research Pet Transportation

If you move with a pet, then you should also initiate preparations on time. Depending on whether you will travel by car or by airplane, you may need a travel pet carrier, so make sure to schedule the transportation. And also, since you will change your address, don’t forget to get new ID tags and update the pet’s microchip address.

Research all important details about conditions and regulations in your future community

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

A month before the relocation is of the utmost importance for organizing everything properly. This period will be the most tiring and stressful part of the whole relocation process, since the changes start to become visible. Still, it should be used to the maximum. Here is what is necessary to get done thirty days before the big day.

Choose Long Distance Moving Company

If you want to move safely, consider hiring professionals to lend you a helping hand. One month before relocating is the right moment to select professional cross-country movers that will relocate your whole household to a future residential place. Keep in mind that having professional assistance will reduce your relocation stress.

Before you pick the cross-country moving company, don’t forget to check whether the long-distance moving services they provide could cover your needs.

For example, if you want to ship your car to another state, then choosing a long-distance moving company that offers auto-transport services along with the expert packing services will be the best possible option to choose. Instead of searching for transportation companies that offer this particular service while separately hiring West Coast movers or East Coast movers. It could only be an additional obligation and expense.

Once you arrange the deal with your long-distance movers and set your relocation date, you’re ready to turn to other relocation tasks.

Start to Declutter the Home

Before you begin to pack your items, try to declutter the house in order to bring with you only the things you actually need. Research charity organizations where you can donate clothes and other things, or ask some of your friends or family members if they would like to take the items you don’t need anymore. Decluttering is essential before relocation because it will save you from the time-consuming packing process and unnecessary stuff, too.

Begin to Pack and Label Boxes Properly

Although it might seem too early to initiate the packing process one month before the relocation day, trust us – it is just the right time. Making a packing list is more than desirable if you want to keep everything under control, and here is how you can organize the rest.

First, decide which room will be a place to store packed boxes and other items.

Secondly, try to make a listing of all items you rarely use, such as waffle iron or diving set, cause these items should be packed first.

Third, find all the moving supplies and equipment you will need for packing.

It would be best to begin from the kitchen, continue with books, and finish with the packing of your valuables, such as jewelry. It would also be a good idea to transport your jewelry with you, while you can always ask your long-distance movers to give you extra insurance for other valuable stuff such as computers, TVs, and other technical devices. Since they know all the tricks of how to pack technology, maybe it would be a good idea to let them do it for you.

Another thing you should consider and decide is how to pack paintings due to their delicacy because we are sure you want to protect them from any damage. Don’t forget to determine how to pack silverware, too, since it is a valuable thing.

And of course, since you are not packing in a hurry, don’t forget to label all your boxes properly. This will be very helpful to know where you begin with unpacking once you get to your future house.

Is There a Checklist for Moving Your Items

Remember to create an inventory list as well, and list literally everything you plan to bring with you. The moment you pack a piece from the list, scratch it and be sure it is properly packed and labeled. And if you want to hear about the relocation experience at first hand, then check out the video below.

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving?

Although changing the address, fixing the damages, or dealing with utility providers will be the last thing you will think about while your house is crowded with boxes, still it would be great to do it before you move to your next address. Here is what you should do three weeks before relocation.

Start the Process for Changing Address Weeks in Advance

Since you move to another state, you’re obliged to do a change of address so that all of your personal documents such as driver’s license, ID, or tax information are up to date.

Since every state has different regulations regarding change of address, you should check the regulations in detail and initiate the procedure in time.

Yet, updating the address with USPS is nothing complicated and very desirable to do because we are sure you would not like to miss any important letter or package once you arrive at your new home. The change of residential details with USPS can be done by filling an online form or by visiting your local post office, where you will file Form 3575. Once you finish with this, USPS needs around two weeks to change your residential details and start sending mail to the right address.

Cancel the Utility Services or Rearrange Them

First, make sure that all bills are paid in full, and once you confirm it, announce an end-date to utility services providers because you’ll have so much to think about in a new state, instead of dealing with heating and garbage bills at a place you left.

The services you should take into account and put on the to-do list for moving:

  • Gas and electricity,
  • Water,
  • Waste Disposal.

When it comes to Internet, cable and phone providers, you can try to rearrange your plan with the same provider if it operates in the same area you relocate to.

Inspect the Place and Fix Damages

If you’re renting the property you’re leaving, or if you are the owner and just sold the property, it would be nice to inspect the place for any damages and fix them before new tenants move into the property.

Try to finish as many things as you can before you relocate to your future property

What Should I Do 1 Week Before Moving?

Now, when the moment of relocation is so close, it is the right moment to begin with finishing actions. Here is the essential list of things to do before you move, one week prior to relocation.

Confirm the Date with Relocation Company

Contact the long-distance movers and confirm the date, time, and pickup and drop-off location cause you should be prepared when they come.

Pack the Rest of Your Belongings

There is no more time to procrastinate. Check all the rooms and pack all you can. Leave only essentials, such as some kitchen utensils, technical devices, or plants that still need to be nurtured. Packing delicate items is something you should do last.

Also, try to label all boxes with delicate and fragile items properly. It will be a sort of signal that they need to be handled carefully.

Clean the House on the Last Day There

Deep cleaning of all the windows, cabinets, appliances (especially refrigerator and stove,) carpets, and all other stuff you are leaving behind is a must-do. Not only will cleaning help you organize better, but it is also a part of good manners. And if you need additional assistance on cleaning the house before relocating, then schedule tidying with a local house cleaning company.

We agree, there are multiple things to do before your professional packers arrive.

One week before relocation, make sure to pack all the stuff and thoroughly clean the house

The Big Day Has Come! Put It on Your Moving to-Do List

Do you hear the sound of the truck in front of your house? This is a good sign because it means your big relocation day has finally come!

Before you pack all your things into the truck and say goodbye to all your helpers, make a final walk-through around the house and check if you forgot something to pack.

And after you hand over the keys, you are ready for your travel to the new location!

Make sure everything is prepared and packed when the truck arrives

Finally, What Should I Do 1 or 2 Weeks After I Move to a New Place?

Now you finally are at your destination, it is the right moment to set the whole place. Unpacking, cleaning, buying items you miss, meeting your new neighbors, and trying to fit into a different lifestyle, are top priorities on the list of things to do when moving into a new house.

Yet, no matter how this exhausting may be, it is certain that it will be an interesting experience.

We hope that our ultimate list of things to do when moving will help you to organize your relocation seamlessly and shape a timeline as well. Now you have a plan, let your relocation process begin!

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