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Blog September 1, 2017

How to Choose the Best Place for You

Posted in City Guides / By Steven Rogers

When the feeling that we should move somewhere comes, you usually feel excited and inspired to get things started and just take action. However after the excitement settles down a bit and you have time to think certain questions start to come up such as: where should I relocate to? What is the perfect place for me? Where will I feel at home? And other similar ones, these questions are complex and have many factors that need to be considered before they are answered. To help you take the most important things into consideration and help you answer these complex questions we have put together some information that you may find helpful.

The first thing you should think about before you move is what are you searching for? You have the desire to change your life for the better and to move somewhere where you can give yourself and your family a better and richer life. Before you blindly set of to any destination you should consider what kind of life will make you feel more alive and happy. Consider things like what kind of environment do you see yourself living in, is it a bigger city where you can enjoy the big city life or is it a smaller town that maybe more family orientated and will give you the opportunity to get to know the people around you more. These questions have many factors to consider when asked and the answers are relative, so don’t just rush to the first place you think of.

Factors to consider

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No matter how much money you are earning or are going to be earning, you should always plan ahead to have comfortable living conditions secured. When you are considering expenses you should take things into account such as living expenses, price of essential goods such as food and clothes, housing expenses, travel and commute expenses, utility services such as electricity and water, taxes etc. The prices for these things vary from place to place and you should definitely do your research before relocating.
As we have already said, knowing how much money you will have to spend is a big part of planning out your move. So knowing the tax laws and regulations of the state that you intend to move on is very useful, for example there are certain states that do not collect certain taxes. States like Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon and Delaware do not collect sales tax for retail sales and for some services while states like Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Washington and other do not collect individual income taxes.
Knowing where you will spend a lot on taxes and where you can save up is a great thing to keep in mind when considering the perfect place to move to.

Job opportunities
The type of job you can expect to find depends largely on the job market. There are a few jobs that you are sure to find everywhere, but these jobs are widespread and have a limited opportunities for advancement. If you are looking for a specific field then you will want to analyze the possible opportunities on the job market of a specific city, then after going over the information and seeing where most of the jobs are located make your decision on what suits you best.
The type of job you are pursuing will influence heavily on the type of cities you take into account for your move. For example some jobs can only be carried out in bigger corporation in large cities, while others have solid job opportunities in smaller towns and cities, such as a teacher for example.
When looking at the job market also take a look at the average pay, since the amount of money you can earn for your job also varies from state to state. The job location is a big influencer when it comes to the amount you will get paid, so make sure you do some digging about your field so that you can narrow it down to the best places.

Value of Real Estate
One of the biggest and most important investments you will ever make in your life is buying a home for yourself and your family, so this is a factor that you cannot take likely. Since the real estate market is always changing you should definitely do a lot of research on home prices, the amount of time a residence is on sale, the potential resale value of a home and the long-term benefits and value you can get from a home. Armed with this information you will know what you are looking for and will have a better time finding a great deal.
Is crime an issue
Crime is one of the biggest problems the unprepared mover does not take into consideration and thus there are situation where after moving people find out that hey have unintentionally move into a part of town with a high crime rate. Since this is something that nobody wants and will gladly avoid if possible, you should do just that and make sure that you look into the neighborhood and its reputation before moving into it. You should do your research and check out the crime and statistics of numerous area this way you will know how safe specific neighborhoods are and if you should even consider others as an option.
How close will your home be to people you know
If you are one of those people that is more social or just knows a lot of people then why not use that to your advantage. This can be really helpful when you get somewhere and need help.
Having some relatives or friends is extremely useful and will definitely be a big advantage in tough times. Try and find a location that is at least relatively near to somebody you know, we don’t mean move right next to them, but driving distance sounds about right. This is a bonus as well during vacation since you won’t have to go too far to visit the people that you love.

Size of the city or the town
Some people say that the size of the town doesn’t influence people that much and that human nature is always the same. Now it is true that people are similar in behavior and that we all want to have a connection and friendly demeanor, but there is no getting around the fact that people in bigger cities are more in a rush and give less attention to their fellow citizens. If that isn’t a problem for you and you are focused on your own goals then you will probably have no problem looking for a place in the city. I t can suit your personality and your life goals at the time, you could even meet great people there that are more goal orientated as well and make great friendships with them.
On the other hand you might be the kind of person that enjoys walking down the street and greeting the local resident with a smile and a polite hello. If that sounds good to you then you will be more inclined to choose a smaller place where the people are willing to get to know you more and where you will have people remembering you everywhere you go.
Both have their pros and cons. The big city offer you more anonymity and always has something happening while the smaller town is more friendly and provides you a calmer and more relaxed environment.

Lifestyle and culture
This is something that is extremely relative and can be a hit or miss to people. Some people are used to their own culture and way of life and are not too flexible so will not want to try out something too different while other don’t have a problem with experiencing something different. Whichever side of that you fall on you should definitely find out what kind of life to expect from your potential future home, especially if you are a person who is social and enjoys the stimulation from the environment around him. If you go to a bigger town you will have a lot of things catching your attention and a lot of things to do, which could be just the thing for you. If you hate that then you could stay in more or maybe pick a smaller town where the life is more peaceful and not fast paced. Whatever your character you will benefit from knowing some basics about the place you are visiting.

Weather and climate
If you accustomed to a certain type of weather then you would definitely like to move to some place where the weather is similar. Maybe you are one of those people that really like the heat and chilling at a lake or the sea or you love skiing and don’t mind a bit of cold. Whatever kind of weather you prefer make sure that you know the climate of the place you are moving to, this way you will know what to expect and can decide if you are down for the challenge or not. This sounds like something that only people that are too picky would look at but the weather does have a big influence on our day to day lives and the hobbies we take part in, so don’t think of it as something you should ignore.

As any parent knows, education is one of, if not the most important thing to secure for your child after food and a safe place environment. Since education is extremely important it is no surprise that you should take this into account when you are relocating. You can pick a place with a great reputation when it comes to its schooling system because this will benefit your child a lot. Get yourself informed about schools in potential neighborhoods and towns and you will have no problem picking a place that meets your needs and your child’s educational needs.

Hospitals are very important since they can drastically improve your quality of life. This is especially true if you are older or if you have children. Having access to good healthcare can greatly improve your life and the lives of those that you love. So when looking for your future home make sure to check if there are any hospitals or other healthcare facilities nearby that you can use in case of an emergency.

Public transportation and traffic
Since cities are getting bigger and bigger many people have started to complain about the amount of time they spend in transport going to work. This is becoming unbearable even to those that own their own vehicle, This additional stress can have a huge influence on your personal life, such as time with family and time for yourself. Since this is something that has such a big effect on your day to day life you might want to take it into account when picking out your future home. If you have a choice between somewhere closer and a place further from work you should probably choose the one with less commute time.

If you are somebody that enjoys food and fine dining you should look for a place that can provide you with a lot of variety. Metropolitan cities and cities that are near the ocean provide a lot more options when it comes to delicious food and variety. Places that can provide you with fresh seafood or fresh produce from the farmers market are a great option when you take care of what you eat. You can even make growing your own food one of the main factors you take into account when looking for a home, and opt to choose a place that has a big garden or is in the country.

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