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Blog February 12, 2018

Changing Your Address

Posted in Moving 101 / By Eva Johnson

When relocating there will be plenty of tasks on your to-do list. You’ll have a lot on your plate and one of the things to consider is how to change your address when you move. This is without a doubt one of the essential tasks you should tackle. To help you we present you with an ultimate guide on how to update all of your information and continue receiving important mail and packages without any misunderstanding with a postal service, government agency, or any other institution.

How to Change Your Address When You Move With the Help of USPS

There are two possible options when you are wondering what to do when changing address and how do you change your mailing address when you move with the help of USPS:

  • By filling an online form and providing United States Postal Service with all needed data, such as a valid email where the confirmation mail will be sent. Once you fill it out, the USPS will charge you $1.05 in order to confirm your credit card details.
  • If you are wondering how can I change my address in person, just go to the nearest local post office and fill out the PS Form 3575.

If you are afraid of leaving your credit card details to USPS online, read more about their encryption system and you will see how their security works. However, if you want to use third-party websites be aware that they can charge you up to 40$ for their services of changing your info.

Also, when filling out the form, whether in person or online, be sure to note precisely if it is an individual or family switch of address and is it a temporary or permanent location you will live in.

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When Should I Change My Home Address When Moving?

If you want to receive your mail immediately when you move to your new home, try to update your whereabouts at least two weeks before relocating. This is the optimal time USPS needs to update all the data and forward the mail on the street and number you have listed as your new residential location.

However, if you simply forget to do this since multiple other tasks are associated with relocation and you have a lot on your plate, make sure to update it as soon as possible. Why should you do this? Because you don’t want any of the important letters or packages to be missing since you moved to another location. The USPS is obligated to keep your letters or packages for ten days, after which is returning them to the sender.

Changing your information on place of residence with USPS is required if you want to avoid lost mail or packages.

How to Update the Address for Your Driving License and Vehicle Registration at DMV?

The moment you book car shipping with your long-distance moving company, it is the right time to think about legal procedures associated with your driving license and vehicle registration. Depending on the state you are relocating to, regulations differ. You’re required to update the whereabouts in your driving license within 14-90 days of your move. And you can do it whether in your local driver’s license office or filling an online form.

Some states require car insurance, applying for a new title, and getting your VIN verified regarding vehicle registration. After you fulfill all these requirements, you can go to your local vehicle registration office and pay the rest of the registration fees.

Updating information on the driving license is mandatory. Check thoroughly the requirements of the state you are relocating to and make sure to do it in time.

What Other Government Agencies Should I Contact When I Need to Change the Address?

There will be many things on your moving to-do list, however, no matter if you are packing in a hurry or you are taking your time updating your info should never slip your mind. There are a few institutions you should not forget when modifying your info.

Start With Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

One of the things you should do before you move to another home is to notify the IRS about it. Modification of your info is much easier than you possibly might expect it to be. All you have to do is fill out this form. Simple as that! Bonus tip: Don’t forget to notify your state’s department of revenue, too.

Don’t Forget to Change Voter Registration for the Whole Family

Whether you move just across the street, another city, or state, you’re obliged to modify your place of residence data before the elections if you want to vote.

Since voter registration is managed at the state level, not the federal, you will have to check the state regulations. Then you will know where to change the address when you move. Although the majority of states will require to re-register to vote, you can find useful information about this on the government’s website or the US Election Assistance Commission website. This is also where you can find an online National Mail Voter Registration Form.

Modification of your residential data can be done via mail, online forms (if you have a valid driver’s license or ID), or in-person at your county board of registrars or the DMV.

When Changing Houses Don’t Forget to Update Social Security

Social security doesn’t require modifying the residential data for social security cards unless you’re a beneficiary of Social Security or Medicare benefits. In that case, you can adjust the data using some of the following options:

  • Through their online system.
  • Contacting your local office (you can locate it via Zip Code on the Social Security website).
  • Or, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213 and ask for additional information on where to change your address when you move.
Know that filling the forms for the Government agency is obligatory, and missing to do it may lead to legal consequences.

What About Other Institutions or Service Providers?

Since there are a considerable number of companies or institutions you should notify regarding your location switch, it would be helpful if you make a list and send an email to all of them asking what you should do next and what the procedure is. Some of the financial organizations you definitely wouldn’t like to forget are:

  • Banks,
  • Loan Issuers,
  • Credit Card companies,
  • Accountants,
  • Tax advisors.

And you wouldn’t like to miss the utility service providers either since some of the services you might not need at your new home. However, don’t forget that you will be paying them until you actually cancel them. That’s why you should also inform:

  • Gas & electricity provider,
  • Water provider,
  • Internet, cable & phone. (Check if you can make a new plan with the same company if it covers the area you are relocating to. You can check it by using a Zip Code locator on their website).
You need to notify all financial institutions and utility service providers regarding location switch.

Don’t Forget to Give the Right House Address to Your Cross-Country Moving Company

There are many reasons why you should hire movers. Not only they will do all the grunt work but they will make sure all of your stuff is moved safely to a new location. However, once you’ve booked all the long-distance moving services, don’t forget to inform your east coast movers or west coast movers where you are going to! No joke. Always insist on notifying your cross-country movers via email about your current and future location details. This will decrease the chance that long-distance movers will end up on the wrong side of the street or state.

Remember, the thing professional movers appreciate is accuracy. That’s why they insist on explaining their cross-country moving services. Top-notch movers will also in-detail explain what exactly packing services entail, or how they should provide you with auto transport assistance. That’s why you should keep them in the loop about your locations, when they have all the necessary info the relocation will be stress-free and smooth.

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Updating Info About Family Whereabouts Is Not That Complicated

We hope our Guide to How to Change Your Address When You Move was of great help and that now some details are clearer to you. Although changing the info about your whereabouts may seem like a complex process, it is actually not. There are only multiple addresses to contact, and everything will be set with a few clicks. When you hire long-distance movers to do the heavy lifting you’ll have enough free time to take care of everything else.

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