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Top 5 Destinations for College Graduates

After they have finished college, many students around US wonder: What now? The next important thing many will make is deciding where they should move after graduation.

Read More February 19, 2018

How to Choose the Best Place for You

When the feeling that we should move somewhere comes, you usually feel excited and inspired to get things started and just take action. However after the excitement settles down a bit and you have time to think certain questions start to come up such as: where should I relocate to? What is the perfect place for me? Where will I feel at home? And other similar ones, these questions are complex and have many factors that need to be considered before they are answered. To help you take the most important things into consideration and help you answer these complex questions we have put together some information that you may find helpful.

Read More September 1, 2017

Making Friends in a New City

It might seem that making friends in a new city is truly a hard piece of work, according to surveys reporting that three out of five Americans are lonely even without embarking on a journey such as cross-country moving. Having “no one gets me” as your final destination surely is not worth all the effort of turning your life upside down. You didn’t pack your entire life into boxes just for that. The goal is to find ways to connect with others on a more intimate level, to build social support you suddenly lack and have meaningful interactions in your daily activities.

Read More May 29, 2017
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