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Blog May 29, 2017

Great Affordable Moving Services

Posted in How-to / By Eva Johnson

Relocating can be expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. A lot of money is needed to cover and provide for services such as the move itself, moving truck rentals, wages and packing services and supplies and more. Luckily there is a way to get these services without burning a hole in your cash. East to West Moving Company has put together a list of things that you can do to minimize your expenses while moving.

Choose the cheapest time to move

As any professional mover can tell you when moving is most expensive, and that is when there are many people rushing to move, which is usually in the summer. The summers are warm and a time when most people get busy with big goals, such as moving or shipping their vehicle, which is actually why the moving prices are a bit higher, since there is such a high demand for moving. This causes an overload in the moving company and they find it hard to schedule and keep up with all the times. Due to this moving companies usually increase prices during the months when demand for relocation is high, so as to provide the number of customers and to ensure that the move is carried out professionally and not rushed. So if you are considering moving your residence to another place and are on a tight budget then make sure you do it somewhere in the so called winter months, when the demand for relocation services is not so high. In addition to this moving prices can go up or down depending on the time of the week when you schedule your move. Weekdays are the cheaper option , while weekends are usually a little more expensive compared to the weekday moves. So if you are looking to get great service for the lowest price possible, try and schedule your move mid week, when there isn’t a lot of relocating taking place.

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Minimize the amount you carry

There are other factors at work besides the time of year when you move that affect the price of the move. The most important factor that affects the price of the move, besides the distance, is the weight and size of the items you are moving with you to your new home. The more you take with you and the heavier the load, the more you will have to pay for the services of the company. So if you want to be economical, you might want to make sure that you only take things that you absolutely need to bring with you, this way you will have your most needed and precious belongings while purging yourself of the things you don’t really need and save some cash along the way.

Earn some extra cash of the things you won’t bring

After you have gone through your items and are sure that you have made a list of all the items you are surely taking with you, why not sell those items that you will not need anymore and earn some extra money. Organize a yard sale and sell those items that you will probably never see again. If a yard sale isn’t your thing and you prefer doing things online, then you can sell your things online and make some extra cash that way.

Be creative with your packing

There are ways you can save up while packing, which is by not spending money on moving boxes, plastic wraps and other moving supplies that may not be essential. Some may be needed but for other items try and find a better way to secure them for transport. For example, don’t just pack away your blankets, linen or towels, use them to wrap up and protect your more fragile items. This protects the items and doesn’t add any more weight or extra costs to your move. As for moving boxes, you can make use of your suitcases and other containers that you may own  to pack up as much items as you can for the big move. With these packing hacks you are sure to save up some money with your next move.

Handle as much of the move as you can by yourself

Professional packing services are always recommended since they are experienced and will do their best to get as much of your belongings safe and secure for the big move. If you are on a tight budget that doesn’t allow you to utilize the professional packing services then it is best to handle as much of the move as you can, we aren’t implying that you move the heavier furniture, but the smaller items that you can easily handle should be taken care of. This way you can cut some costs of the packing and thus save up a few extra bucks. In addition to that, if you own a vehicle you might want to drive the vehicle yourself to your new location. This might be a long drive, but it saves you the shipping bill and enables you to take a few items with you to your new home.

Choose the more economical option

Many moving companies have various options when it comes to their services. A good example is when it comes to auto shipping services. The company will give you an option to choose between terminal to terminal service or door to door service. One will deliver the vehicle directly to the address you provide, but will be more expensive. While the other takes your vehicle to the nearest terminal, where you can come and pick it up yourself. The second option is a little more work, but if you on a tight budget, then why not do some extra work and save up the cash. Another good example also connected to car transportation is the option between open auto transport  and enclosed auto transport. Each carry their own pros and cons, so you might want to choose the cheaper option whenever you can.

No matter how important saving up some money can be, it is even more important to not sacrifice quality and safety. Finding a good moving company to handle your relocation or auto shipping is better than improving some methods and driving yourself, especially if you are not experienced. You might want to spare yourself the stress and potential dangers that a long drive might offer and opt for the most affordable and reliable option that is within your budget. East to West Moving Company is here to help you with just that. Our team will work with you to create a suitable moving plan that works within your budget and satisfies all your moving needs. Contact East to West Moving Company today and schedule your move as soon a possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you and adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

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